If I had a Child free day…

I have been tagged by Love Being Mummy To Two to tell you what I would do with a Child free day…

As much as I love Emmy, there are also a few thing I miss about having ‘me’ time as and when I wanted it.

So I would start with a lovely long lie-in (I do not count 8am a lie-in Emmy even if it is better than the normal 6.30am)

Ok, I don’t have a Four Poster Bed however I also don’t have a Child free day and a girl is allowed to dream afterall. 
I would them have my favourite breakfast of Smoked Salmon, Scrambled eggs and Capers on a nicely toasted Bagel – this would obviously be HOT for a change as I wouldn’t be sorting out Emmy’s breakfast too and as I would be able to have it all to myself I think i’ll have some Bubbly too.
This would be followed by a nice  Hot bubble bath – on my own.  Emmy and I usually have a bath together.
I also desperately need to get my roots dyed at the hairdressers, I tend to home-dye as it is cheaper but a little luxury would be lovely for a change.  I would get my hair coloured professionally and have a lovely long sit in the massage chair, and I would have it styled while I was there.

As this is my day – I would have a new outfit (If anyone would like to donate one i’ll happily accept!!)
My day would end my day with a trip to the theatre to see an adults show/comedy instead of a Child’s one and then would go out for dinner and dancing.  Note that I would be seeing a Matinee performance as being my 1st lie-in in I don’t know how long I know I will be tired early.
See I don’t want a lot and if anyone would like to donate any of the above this very tired, worn-out Mummy would be over the moon.
I am now tagging 3 other Mummy Blogger to you you what they would do with a Child free day, once done link back to Love Being Mummy To Two here.
Little Charlie and Us

4 thoughts on “If I had a Child free day…

  1. Sounds like a fab day and I love the pictures ! That bed looks wonderful! It's amazing how all of us mummys only want the simple things in life; hot drinks, long baths, sleep! Maybe one day?

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