If you had £100 spare how would you spend it?

I was recently asked by TSB what I would spend an unexpected/spare £100 on and I had to think hard on this.
There are a few things I am saving up for so it could go towards those:
  • New carpet for my bedroom and the hallway
  • A new mattress for my bed
  • A new dishwasher or washing machine as both are on the way out
  • New curtains and paint for my bedroom as it’s never been decorated in 11 years of living here

I asked Paul what he would spend it on and he said either a new bike for Emmy or shoes and Jeans for himself.

I asked a few friends what they would spend it on and these are their replies:

“A nice day trip out with the kids.  Probably taking them into London” says Carly – Mummy and the Chunks

Jen from My Mummy’s Pennies said “A family day out.  We would pack up a picnic and drive up to the Lake District, maybe visit a National Trust location”.

While Jo (Sit still Monkey’s) would spend it on a meal for two with her husband as they don’t spend enough quality time together.

I’ve actually decided that it would be nice to put towards a holiday this year as we haven’t booked one yet – just a short break somewhere for a long weekend.  I struggled with this decision as it’s  not something we actually need, not a necessity and it wasn’t too long again I was having to carefully account for every single penny coming in and out of this house.  It’s not a nice feeling at all and something I don’t want to repeat every again – this is the reason I am also trying to save some money to put away for rainy days.

The figure £100 was chosen because the maximum interest you can earn in a year from the Plus Account is £100 AER (5% AER on up to £2000).
According to a survey 78% of Brits believe things generally get better with time…
There are a few things I think improve with time:
  • Hair colour – once I’ve dyed my hair I often hate it until a few washes later
  • Steak – Leave to sit for a few minutes after cooking to release the flavour
  • Red wine
  • Flowers – after a day or two when they are fully opened

If you had an unexpected £100 how would you spend it?

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