Illness has stopped play

My last post told you that Emmy was poorly, well I finally managed to get double doctors appointments on Tuesday afternoon.  What I actually needed was a Triple appointment!

We were in the room for around 40 minutes and after a chemist trip came home with this little haul.

poorly children

So our cocktails of choice for the next few days include:

Emmy – Pirition and Calpol
Harry – Antibiotics, inhaler and Nystan
Me – Antibiotics and 2 types of thrush treatment

My babies deteriorated quickly and the docs diagnosis was:
Emmy – Viral infection very similar to chicken pox and like hand, foot and mouth – She is covered in spots head to toe
Harry – Same as Emmy plus a chest infection and oral thrush
Me – Thrush on my nipples and Mastitis

Emmy is still very listless and has lost her appetite and keeps itching and wanting Mummy cuddles.
Harry is coughing loads and wheezing badly, hating his medication and worrying Mummy sick and lastly I am almost in a normal state again, packed up and ready to depart for a very good friends hen weekend!

I am worried sick about leaving my poorly babies but Daddy is taking them to stay at Nanny and Grandad’s so I know they will be fine, well looked after and spoilt rotten.

Of course any change in health I will be straight home and I haven’t actually left yet so will see what the night brings.

I really want a magic wand to make them feel better.

One thought on “Illness has stopped play

  1. Hope the little ones feel better soon bless them and enjoy your time away you deserve a nice break. im sure the kids will love spending time with their grandparents and will give you extra big squeezes once your home xx

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