I’m a HomeSense Sensology Panelist – Have you discovered your shopping sense?

HomeSense is part of the TJX Europe group, a sister company to TK Maxx – one of my favourite shops.  I love a bargain, I love seeing the savings on the price tag knowing just how much I have saved, the brand names at a fraction of the cost.

Which is why I’m thrilled to be involved with HomeSense, they also operate on a unique “off-price” concept which offers quality and branded homeware at a fraction of the cost.

HomeSense launched in the UK in April 2008 and now has 26 stores in the UK.  I’ve two stores within close proximity to me – Watford and Lakeside Thurrock.  In a few weeks I will be visiting the Watford store to have a nosey around, take some pictures and while there I will be using my Shopping Sense to pick out some new homeware pieces for my home.

HomeSense Watford, www.emmysmummy.com
Watford Store

The Watford store opened on 20th June and is located on Dalton Way, I can’t wait to go and have a look around – I’m in need of a new rug for the front room however I may be swayed by something else when I visit like some new storage boxes for Hubby’s junk or the kids toys?

So, who is on the Sensology Panel?
Well it is a small group of 6 lovely ladies – Marianne (Maris World), Emma (Me the Man and the Baby), Laura (Tired Mummy of Two), Danielle (Two Point Four Children), Fritha (Tigerlilly Quinn) and myself.

What is it all about?
HomeSense have launched a new Facebook App where it asks you a few questions about you and your shopping habits, and then tells you about the sense you use most when you are shopping!

Then what?
Well, after taking the quiz the panel will take a store visit bearing in mind their Shopping Sense, and we will shop focusing on that sense.  We will let you know how accurate the quiz is and will talk you through our shopping experience using that given sense.

I can’t wait to see if it is right for me.

You can take the quiz your self by clicking here.

Here’s my answers to the quiz and what it says about me – (I’ll write my answers in Red)

Q1: Which of the following do you most enjoy buying for your home?

A – Soft furnishings, furniture and finishing touches
B – Cookware, kitchenware, dining accessories
C – Room fragrances, scented candles, bathroom accessories
D – Mirrors, artworks, frames
E – Big statement items to give personality

Q2: For you what equates a happy home?

A – A cosy & comforting haven
B – A place designed for entertaining
C – Full of cooking and baking aromas
D – Tide with everything in its place
E – Busy, buzzing and full of noise

Q3: What sort of accessories do you have most of in your home?

A – Cushions, rugs, items that make you feel at home
B – Things that your children, grandchildren and family members have made
C – Photographs of Family and Friends
D – Carefully chosen accent pieces that set off your decor
E – Interesting things you have gathered on travels

Your a Conversationalist: Your sense of style is hearing, and you love treasures that have stories.

Why don’t you take the Quiz and see what kind of shopper you are? There is a chance to win weekly prizes too.  I would love for you to come back and tell me what it says about you!

I think it’s trying to tell me I’m a chatterbox! Now we all know that’s not true – or is it?

You can visit the HomeSense website to find your local store – www.homesense.com and if the above link doesn’t work the App is on the Facebook page.

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