In loving memory of an amazing lady

This has been one of the longest 2 weeks of my life. 
You’ll have seen the post I wrote explaining my silence and the reason I’ve for the first time in probably ever been lost for words.
It doesn’t matter that we knew what was to come, it is never ever easy even if you’ve some time to prepare and accept.   No one will make the pain go away and words won’t change the outcome.
On Tuesday we lost the most wonderful lady.   A loving Wife, adoring Mother to 3 fantastic Boys,  doting Nanny to 3 Grandchildren (with another on the way). Mother-in-law to 2, besotted Sister and a favourite Auntie and great Auntie and of course everyone’s friend.
Everyone who had ever met her was happy to call her a friend, this past week has proved just that.  When the news spread visitors arrived from far and wide to see her again.
Her house has been full constantly with visitors and love.
They say it’s the tough times which make you stronger and unite all and that’s certainly true.  The family arrived and there they stayed, until late at night and arriving back at first light, and others staying all night.
They have rallied around, cooked, cleaned and been there 110% throughout,  I am so very proud to be a part of this family.
Heaven has gained an Angel and the sky is brighter for it as Anne shines down brightly upon us all now.  Emmy and Harry have been looking up and pointing out Nanny Knitting.
She is resting and pain free and we can all be assured that she is watching out for us all with her knitting in one hand and a Bacardi & Coke in the other, and of course a wooden spoon tucked away safely close by.
As a family we are closer because of her love and I know the times ahead will be tough and there will be lots of waves, but we will all ride them together and we will fall off together but we will ALL united get back up and try again.   We will get wet along the way but will be fine because we know she is with us still.
We all love you Mum/Anne/Nanny xx


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Emmy and I completed the Race for Life on Wednesday in Anne/Nanny’s memory – there is still time to donate to Cancer Research UK


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28 thoughts on “In loving memory of an amazing lady

  1. I'm very sorry to hear of your sad loss. This must be a very difficult time for all of you but it's good to hear that you have a supportive network of family and friends.

  2. Beautiful post. She looks so lovely with gorgeous eyes. Take the best of her and incorporate that into your own lives. Your memories will sustain you and I know how very difficult a time loss of a loved one can be. Take care of you and yours – I know you will.

  3. I am so sorry to hear your sad news and will keep you and your family in my thoughts. What a wonderful lady Anne seemed to be, this is a lovely post!

  4. "Think of her as living in the hearts of those she touched, For nothing loved is ever lost, and she was loved so much." x

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