In the blink of an eye you are 6 years old!

Darling Harry

The years are flying by and I do wish they would slow down a little but at the same time, I am loving seeing the young man you are turning into quickly before my eyes, I can’t believe it was 6 years ago I introduced you to the world right here on this blog.

No longer a little boy any more, you are almost the same height now as Emmy and she doesn’t like that one bit!

You are my wild child that’s for sure – loud and never sitting still but you are also a gentle giant at the same time with such a sensitive side.

Tears flow freely when you are sad, hurt or frustrated and do you know what? That’s OK. You wear your heart on your sleeve and it’s a very good trait to have. You are everyone’s friend to the point of making sure they have someone to play with all the time and your teachers always comment on how lovely that is.

Not one for playing with the same group of friends, you are happy to go with the flow and do your own thing – mixing with all your classmates and spending time with them all. You interact with the girls playing spying games or happy families and love playing just as happily with the ball games your other friends are playing.

Walking to and from school always shows me how many friends you have as they all shout your name and wave when they see you or come up for a hug if we see them on weekends.

School is still fun for you and you love it so much you are always desperate to be at the front of the line, hugging your teachers daily when you see them – it’s so nice to see you so happy and confident there.

School work you do find hard, and being quiet in class when you need to be.

Always the joker, you like to entertain your friends but I think you do need to remember to save the clowning around until break times and stop doing it in class – then maybe you will get onto gold like you are so desperate to do.

You don’t like having to do homework now, I can’t say I blame you at all.

You love climbing everything still, trees, fences, over the sofa and I swear you are quickly sending me grey with worry.

You love being outdoors, have become super fast at running and enjoy football and golf. You surprised us all with how well you mastered riding your bike without stabilisers and are getting really good at roller skating too.

Playing board games is your favourite way to spend quality time together, although we do need to work on your being a fair loser as we can’t always make you the winner.

Your favourite way to spend time with your sister is to watch YouTube together, just what you watch annoys me so much but watching you being so sweet together and sharing a shared interest is very sweet, discussing what you think will happen next in your favourite vlogs etc.

I love watching you learn new things and excitedly showing us daily what you’ve learnt – even if that does mean singing the same song over and over on a loop.

Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful handsome boy

Here’s to lots more fun and excitement

Love Mummy




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