Indoor camping in a WigWam #Review

The kids have had pop up tents to play in and they have loved them,  however they aren’t all that sturdy once the two of them are inside – having said that a brick building may not be safe with those two inside!

Recently they received a lovely gift from Garden Games – a Traditional Wild West WigWam to play with and they have been having a great time in it.

This is suitable for indoor and outdoor play – obviously when the weather is warmer, I can’t imagine setting this up outside in this freezing wet weather but in the Summer I can’t wait to get it outside and then we can leave it out, picnic in it, camp in it and have lots of fun.

Setting this WigWag up was relatively easy.  The instructions are printed on the box which means once it’s been put away, next time there is no worrying about lost instructions.

Inside the box are 12 poles (6 with holes through one end), 6 white connectors, 1 canvas, rope and balls.

Wild West WigWam, Garden Games, review, WigWam

To start you need to fix two poles into the white connectors, these just slot into place (You need to make sure you have 1 pole with no holes in – this is the bottom pole and the top has the holes in.  Connect all the poles so you have 6 long poles. 

Then lay the canvas patterned size down and place the poles in place.  You slide the bottom into a pocket in the bottom of the canvas, this stops it sliding out or scratching the flooring if inside.  Fasten the poles in place with the Velcro.

Next you need to tread a ball through the rope and then through the holes in the top of one pole, next is another ball and then though the next pole – keep alternating the balls and the poles before tying tightly together.

Lastly is a case of just standing it up – I found this easier with 2 people as it was heavy and bulky by then.  Splay the legs out and your ready to play.

Wild West WigWam, Garden Games, Review, WigWam

This is a lovely size when set up and both children can happily play inside and Emmy can lay down inside easily with a pillow and a blanket – which is her favourite thing to do.  It stands at 1.5 metres tall and spreads out to 1.4 metres.

We love the prints on this Wigwam, suitable for all and a classic design – who wouldn’t love this!

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