Indoor dens

Yesterday I shared the kids cardboard box pirate ship and our WigWam we have been playing with lots and lots.

They seem to have set a theme for the kids who want to build camps everywhere currently.

We tried to make a camp using a duvet from my bed, the sofa and our rocking horse but it kept falling down due to boisterous kids and the duvet being too heavy.

In the end I up ended the kids pirate ship and popped under the indoor camp. This works well supporting the blanket and has also made a lovely reading place for Emmy when she wants some peace and quiet.

It goes without saying that this will be coming down at bedtime tonight (my poor front room) but for now the kids are having fun.

I’ve entered their fort into a competition by The Furniture Market to win £100 shopping vouchers! Anyone can enter – just build a fort (have fun!!) and then take a picture, then upload that picture to their facebook page, Instagram tagging @thefurnituremarket or tweet it to @marketfurniture using the hastag #blanketfortcomp
You can find details of the competition here.  

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