The Inspirational Woman in my Life – My Mum

Inspirational women can be found in all areas of our lives. We see strong role models on our TV screens, on the stage and even in the pages of our books. They compete in sporting events, work within our schools and wear service uniforms. They are our Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, friends and colleagues. They never draw attention to themselves or think of themselves as special and never ask for a thank you for just being themselves.
Daily they inspire those around them without even batting an eyelid or being aware of the changes they bring about.
I am surrounded by women who I admire and look up to, My Mum Janet is the most important lady in my life – she studied to become a Nursery Nurse after leaving school, married my Dad and had me at the young age of 21. She gave up her career plans to raise her family with my Brother arriving just 18 months later.
My Brother had intolerances to milk and refused to sleep much in the early years, having a Son myself who had silent reflux I clearly know the misery lack of sleep can bring to a family and the strains which come along with it. Mum always had a smile on her face, ready for our next adventure. I remember our walks up to visit my grandparents to check on them and make sure they were OK – Mum has always been very family orientated and was very close to her parents, we would visit weekly rain or shine even though us children may have complained of the walk/bus ride.
She would even laugh through my teasing about her having a car parked outside and telling passers by that it was Mummy’s car and Mummy couldn’t drive. Mum was learning to drive but with two young children never found the time to complete that mission.
She stayed at home looking after my Brother and I while we were young, and even child-minded our neighbours children too. I remember her taking on homework type jobs although I fail to recall what they were. When we were old enough she started working in our local secondary school in the canteen and as a cleaner and she remains in that job still. She’s seen other staff members come and go but she has stuck with it. She even managed to fit in selling Oriflame at some point while we were growing up.
Mum taught me that you stick with something even if you don’t love it 100% and that family always comes first. Her and my Dad built an extension for my Grandad in later years and nursed him at home for many years. Mum always looks out for me, is ALWAYS only a phone call away and would drop everything at the drop of a hat if I asked for help. She has always been there for me and I love her dearly.
I am rubbish at showing that though and I can go days without calling her but I want her to know just how special she is to me and just how much I appreciate her.
Mum – I know you are reading and I LOVE YOU xx
Proud Nanny with Emmy
Proud Nanny meeting Harry for the first time
There are many ways to show someone you care for them and that they are appreciated, you can write them notes, give them a call, or even buy flowers online from Flowers Direct but in my opinion just spending time with that person is the best thing you can do. Time is free but it is the one thing we share so little of, I intend for this to change.
Do you have an inspirational woman in your life? Who is it?
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