Intelligent heating – It’s what I need when Harry can’t work out Night from Day

Intelligent heating – it sounds rather like something you would come across in a Sci Fi film doesn’t it?

Technology and times are changing and it is actually possible – it really exists!

Can you imagine being on holiday, perhaps you’re abroad somewhere hot, you arrive back in the UK at the airport and it’s raining and freezing (it’s England after all – the weather isn’t likely to be anything else really is it?)  You know when you get home unless you’ve left your heating on it’s likely to be cold, unless you have intelligent heating that is!

So what is it? are an offspring company of the British gas team and the idea behind this new technology is to help save money on wasted heating bills and to give you more control over your thermostat from wherever you are.

You have a Thermostat, hub which is plugged into your broadband, a receiver and then you use a smartphone app which use to control the thermostat wherever you are for use on smart phones and browsers).

So if you’ve just landed and it’s cold you can use your smart phone to pop your heating on ready for your arrival home.
smartphone app

Now I’m not going abroad however this would be amazingly handy for a nocturnal Harry, he has decided that party time is often 11.30pm – 3.30am.  I bring him downstairs if the screaming gets too much so he doesn’t wake up Emmy.  This is fine for a while, we snuggle on the sofa with Baby TV and he rests if not sleeps, however our heating clicks off at 10pm and doesn’t go back on until 6am (we set it 6am-9am and 5pm-10pm currently) so in the early hours it gets rather chilly downstairs as we don’t have curtains over our back doors and our front room is very big so the heat disappears quickly.  I don’t want to go upstairs to switch the heating on for an hours boost as it would unsettle Harry even more but I know that if it was warmer her would fall asleep faster.

If I were to have this installed I could just use my phone to turn it on for a boost – how cool would that be?  I use my phone for nearly everything even changing my sky channels! 

It would also be handy for the Sunday’s when we go to Nanny and Grandad’s for dinner, I could switch the water on to heat up ready for the kids bath when we get home.

The team say you could save up to £150 on your energy bills by managing your heating and water correctly.

The set up costs £199 which includes all of the above equipment and includes professional installation or you can purchase and set up yourself for £159.

Having been caught outside in the rain this weekend I would love to be able to guarantee my house was warm on my return! Wouldn’t you?

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