Interior trends to breathe new life into your property

It’s easy to feel bored with your home from time to time, especially when faced with endless photos of beautiful interior inspiration flooding Instagram and Pinterest. If you have the money, time and patience to do so, making use of some interior design trends can be a great way to update your home and make it feel good as new. Here are some of the best interior trends you should take inspiration from when renovating and redecorating your home.

Coral hues

Voted the colour of the year by Pantone, Coral hues will be seen everywhere through 2019. In the home, this shade works brilliantly as a way to insert some femininity without going for too overboard. Consider painting a feature wall in this colour, and then gathering some stylish accessories and home furnishings in the same shade of living coral. Colours that compliment coral in the home include navy blue, teal, and gold, but neutral shades like white and grey also work well if you prefer a more understated look. If you feel that coral may be a bit bold for some rooms, such as your living space or bedroom, consider incorporating this shade into your bathroom. Coral walls or tiles can give a bathroom a fresh feel without being too showy.


Do you believe that less is more? Then you’ll love applying the minimal interior trend to your home. Neutral walls in shades of white, beige and grey are standard within minimalist decor, paired with modern furniture, wooden floors and simple artwork. Property companies like RW Invest utilise minimalist interior design in a range of their buy to let properties, recognising the appeal behind this style. Minimalist features can be easily achieved — all you need to do is re-paint any bright coloured walls or strip garish wallpaper. Then add some minimal furnishings like curtains, rugs and furniture with simple colours and patterns, and hang some minimalist artwork. Plants are also a staple in minimal interiors and work well to add some detail and colour to a neutral room.

Natural elements

We get so wound up and stressed in everyday life which revolves around technology, from smartphones to our cars. One of 2019’s biggest interior trends is ‘biophilia’, which focuses on emphasising the connection between humankind and nature with furnishings and decor that have a more natural feel. Think wooden floors, plants, organic materials and stone furniture pieces. This trend is essentially about bringing elements of the outdoors inside, which can be easily achieved with a few simple home tweaks. If you’re keen to embrace this trend, move any technology out of sight. Try things such as keeping games consoles in wooden storage boxes and concealing messy wires. If you have a wooden floor, embrace this by removing your floor rug altogether, or adding a rug made of more natural materials such as a flat woven rug made from organic, recycled materials. Add as much plant life as you can, placing large plants in corners or hang them from ceilings for a real bohemian feel.


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