Introducing the classics to Emmy at bedtime

I think it’s really important to read to children, whether at bedtimes, in the morning or even a bath book read while splashing in the tub.

Both of my children LOVE books, this may be because I read to them when I was pregnant or because they like looking at the pictures – either way they have a whole library between them.

I make a point of spending individual time with Harry and Emmy at bed times with a routine for each of them – they have their own stories, a cuddle, milk then they go to sleep. 

I used to love the Roald Dahl books when I was younger, I would spend hours upstairs in my bedroom reading them all.

Snuggling down in warm pyjama’s on the sofa, we have started to work our way through them – it is now I realise that I haven’t read them all.  There are a few I’ve missed, I’m not sure how that happened as they were by my favourite author but I’ve definitely missed some out.  My life now feels incomplete and I am fast working at correcting that.

Debenhams pyjamas,, debenhams kids

The children were sent the Pyjama’s and books by Debenhams in time to help celebrate Roald Dahl day.  I let Emmy choose which ones her and Harry wanted and I think she made a great choice, don’t you think?

Harry’s are fleecy with a hood and feature a lovely festive design, the only downside to these are they open with a zip – great for older children but not when you need to access a nappy.  They are perfect for the colder weather which will be heading our way soon.

Emmy’s are also all-in-one’s and have sleep written all over them in colourful letters.  These are made from 100% cotton with button fastening down to the waist.  Emmy finds these really comfortable however she can’t open the buttons herself when she needs the loo.

As soon as Emmy saw her new books she asked me to read them to her, so that evening after their bath and snuggled in their new jammies we settled down to read ‘The Magic Finger’ – this is one of the shorter books and one I haven’t read before.  Harry fell asleep very quickly so Emmy and I snuggled some more to read a few more pages and before I knew it I had finished the book.  That’s the way with this author, the thing I remember from my childhood – you always intend to read a few pages however it never happens and you have finished before you know it.

This is now our bedtime ritual once Harry is asleep we will read a few pages, a chapter or in the cases of the shorter books, the whole thing.

Roald Dahl collection

What are your favourite books from your childhood and do you read them to your children?

Disclaimer: we were sent the pyjama’s and book for the purpose of this post.  The above is an affiliate link for convenience.

12 thoughts on “Introducing the classics to Emmy at bedtime

  1. My two are (almost) five and (just) three so we stick to books such as the Julia Donaldson series at the moment. They do not have great attention spans and also I think my favourite books are a little on the mature side for them just now, but I cannot wait to share them. I love The Water Babies, A Little Princess and Matilda. These Roald Dahl classics are so lovely and perfect for sharing. I hope to start reading things like this with my eldest next year 🙂

  2. I loved Roald Dahl books my fave was the BFG. Me and my brother were and still are total bookworms and Gracie is now the same she has a huge collection of books but is too young for most of my favourites! I can't wait to share all the Beatrix Potter books with her I need to buy her the collection of them

  3. Most of my favourite books are too mature for The Boy at the moment, but I definitely will be sharing Tom's Midnight Garden when he's old enough!

    Nipping over from the blogsRus share thread.

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