Introducing my Britmums Live 2016 Sponsor

The bloggers out there will know what I’m talking about and what Britmums Live is, but for those of you not in the blogging circles it may mean nothing to you at all.
Britmums Live is an annual blogging conference held in London in June each year, hosted of course by Britmums.
I have attended this conference for the past 3 years and this year will be no exception making it my 4th year in attendance.  Although this blog is 5 years old in July there is always something to learn: rules, laws and legislations change all the time and it is essential to up to date with those changes, there are always new social media platforms to explore, tips, tricks and hacks to pick up and skills to improve upon. The conference is usually spread out over 2 days however this year will be the first year it’s condensed into just one, this will essentially make it a very long and busy day and I’m hoping it will be just as good although cramming in all the sessions I’d like to attend is hard enough spread over 2 days.
After the conference ends there is an award ceremony where those blogs who’ve been nominated into the BiBs (Blogging in Brilliance) awards find out whose piped the others to the post to receive an award – this is where you will usually find me at the back table with my very close blogging chums hogging the wine – I’d say it was a one off but 3 years in a row at the same table with lovely friends consuming the free wine says it all really…..I’ve it down to a fine art, sit with the pregnant ladies or those breast feeding and you can have their share too!
Which brings me nicely into introducing you to my wonderful sponsor for this year and a VERY fitting one for me, I’m pleased to introduce you to:

Glassy Glitter, britmums 2016 sponsor
Those of you who know me well will know I’m never far from a wine glass – now that sounds bad but it really isn’t, it’s just I prefer to drink my drinks from them – unless it’s a cup of coffee it’s drunk from a wine glass – squash, juice and even milk.  Even Emmy and Harry like to drink from them, they will have their juice poured into a wine glass at dinner time.  Of course, come the weekend you’ll find my wine in there or my Gin and Tonic.

Life is too short to be dull and boring which is why I am so pleased to have teamed up with Glassy Glitter this year.
Glassy Glitter produce glittery Champagne and Wine glasses at very affordable prices.
Midnight & Fuchsia Glitter Wine Glass Set, Glassy Glitter, Britmums, Sponsor,
Midnight & Fuchsia glitter wine glass set £21.00

Glassy Glitter are a family run company based in Chelmsford in Essex, selling there beautiful glittery glassware Nationwide.  This is a company owned and run by a Mother and her two daughters who all share a love of all things sparkly!

What started out as a hobby has fast become a full time business for them all and they have now been making these glittery glasses since 2013. 

They love what they do – putting the upmost care and attention into every handmade order.

With  huge range of colours available they are also open to suggestions, if you can’t see what you want on the website just get in contact and they will try their absolute hardest to create the perfect colour match for you.

With a fast growing product range which now also includes Christmas glasses and signs as well as personalised glasses and champagne flutes and also vinyl decals, there really is a glass for everyone.

I just love these personalised bridesmaids glasses, they would make perfect gifts for your big day and would look amazing already laid out on the top table for dinner instead of using place cards, there is even a bride design too!

You can find out more about Glassy Glitter and their products by visiting the website: and you will also find them on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.
Keep watching this space throughout the year for the latest product designs, reviews and competitions too.

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  1. They look gorgeous, hope I can come along but it's Petes birthday on the same day so not sure if I can swing it but he is off on holiday at the end of the month so I have the perfect excuse!

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