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As you know I’m a Tefal Innovation Panellist which is a role I love.  Back in July we attended an event held by Tefal in London where we were not only introduced to the OptiGrill and the Ingenio Pans but the new Smart Technology Steam Generator irons.

We were given the chance to swap in our current Tefal steam generator iron for one of the new Smart Technology ones.

I chose to swap over to the new Express easy control iron for the reason that my while I really like the iron I had, I didn’t actually change any of the heat setting EVER

Tefal Express Easy Control Iron, Easy Iron, Smart technology iron

I’m a person who irons very infrequently, and while the noveltly of the new super duper iron was initially there and it saw me ironing everything in sight, unfortunately however and as predicted the novelty soon wore off and my old ironing hating self came back and is back to stay.

I chose to change to the Express Easy Control iron because it is the easiest iron to use EVER, plug in, turn on and iron!!

Who could go wrong with that?

There are no heat settings

No dials to change

No need to worry whether you are ironing silk or denim – everything is ironed on the same setting and nothing burns – I’ve tried!

Features of the new Express Easy Control are:

  • Easy, gentle adaptable ironing for all fabrics thanks to Tefal’s Smart technology easy control
  • Safe to use with no risk of burning, no compromise on power with 5.2 bar pressure and up to 220g/min steam delivery
  • Long-lasting performance thanks to the unique anti-calc collector
  • Featuring the exclusive ultraglide soleplate

What I like about this iron is it is really easy to use!

I hate the idea of changing dials to suit what is being ironed, I never do, everything for me is ironed on a high setting, silks are avoided and everything is left in a basket until it needs wearing.

With this iron because it uses Smart technology to heat up you can actually leave the iron on the material, walk away – forget, make a cup of tea, drink it and then come back…..and guess what? It won’t burn! I have tried this, I was very weary and prepared to send the clothing bill to Tefal should it fail but there was no need, Emmy’s new pyjama trousers didn’t even mark after 14 minutes of the iron sitting on them.

The anti calc collector collects up all of the horrid bits which would normally collect inside the iron and ruin it and catches all of them, it is easy to empty and will ensure the life of your iron.
It also has a large water tank which means you won’t have to keep refilling when ironing.

It’s safe for me to say no matter what iron I have I will never like or love ironing however this iron makes it bearable as it’s so easy to use.

Tefal, Tefal Innovation Panel, Express Easy Control, Smart Technology steam generator iron

If you need to iron yet hate doing so, or if you need to iron because you have to and don’t care about changing setting this is the iron for you.

This iron costs £199.95 and can be purchased from John Lewis

18 thoughts on “Ironing made simple #Review

  1. That sounds amazing! I hate ironing but really want a good iron as I know it would make my life so much easier. I have a hubby who wears suits to work and 4 children so always a huge and never ending ironing pile. To see it all done hung and folded would be my idea of heaven – one day 😉 xx

  2. Ironing is my worst chore ever, but this looks genius! We still have a basic iron from when we bought our first house together back in 2007…maybe it's time for an upgrade! Thank you

  3. As someone who hates ironing, this sounds like the perfect product to me. Will have to flutter my eyelashes at the other half as i'm desperate for a new one 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds like the perfect iron for me I hate ironing and never change heat settings in fact I don't even own a ironing board (how embarrassing) I iron so little I use a towel on the dining room table 😉

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