Is there room for two cameras in this house?

Regular readers will know that for my birthday I was treated to my first ‘proper’ camera and I love it, sadly it isn’t receiving the love it deserves currently.
While out in London this weekend, Paul said I should have brought my camera with me – my reasoning for not doing so was I actually had no where to put it.
While I do LOVE it, and I am slowly learning to use more of the functions, it is big.  I am so used to using my phone camera that having a large one with lenses etc. with me is rather daunting.  I hope to overcome this as I do need to take it out more, maybe when Harry’s nappies are removed from my changing back there will be more room.
I have been left wondering though if I need a smaller second camera which can come with me to events and days out, so I can capture those special moments in more detail without taking up too much space in my bag?
It wouldn’t replace my birthday present but would be a secondary one.  The Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 has captured me because of its high functions and it’s small size.  No bigger than my smart phone with a 20 megapixel camera, 4k video recording and manual controls usually found on the larger and bulkier cameras, with this you can instantly share pictures to media channels too – Now I’m really torn as I can actually see this getting a lot of use in this house.


So the question is…..Do I actually need two cameras?

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2 thoughts on “Is there room for two cameras in this house?

  1. I have my big camera and a little camera and I never use the little one. My phone is more than good enough to use as a backup but I do try to make an effort – especially now with blogging, to take all my pictures on the big one. I have given my daughter the little one to take photos of whatever she wants to 🙂

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