ITNG Live Review

Yesterday we drove to the O2 with a very excited little girlie on board, we were off to see In The Night Garden Live.  She was over excited as we also took her last year and she remembered, she kept repeating on the drive there “I cuddle Upsy Daisy” – this time around I had booked and paid for a meet and greet with Upsy Daisy.  I had considered this last year but thought she was too young and wouldn’t appreciate it or worse still scream and run away!

Getting to the O2 was a painless 40 minutes drive and parking couldn’t have been easier, it was all very clearly signed for the show.

We arrived early and took Emmy over to the River to see the boats then went into the O2 itself and had some lunch in one of the many choice of restaurants available – Daddy’s choice as he is fussy and only every has Burgers, but they have to be plain cheese burgers, Emmy and I would have been spoilt for choice and happily have eaten in most of the restaurants.

We then headed toward the Show Dome and Emmy just ran when she saw the HUGE inflatable HaaHoos which were outside the large portable arena:

Inside she happily queued with the Light-up Upsy Daisy windmill we bought her (we did buy one last year however it became such a beloved toy that it broke through over use), she is also sporting the T-Shirt I bought her last year at the show, then almost ran in when it was time to take our seats.  We had standard tickets which are great value as ALL seat have a good view, and as we got there early we got to the front of the standard seating section meaning Emmy could stand for the whole show at the bars, dancing and getting the best view in the house. 

The show we saw was the Ninky Nonk show which sees Iggle Piggle having a lovely day with his friends until her loses his blanket and his friends all help him to find it.  There is a mix of puppeteers with puppets and full sized costumes in this show and the mix of the two work really well with the puppeteers dressed in green to camouflage into the background.

Emmy kept shouting “Oh No, Piggle blankie gone” and really got into the show, she spent the entire show (45 minutes) standing up glued to the barrier hugging her Upsy Daisy toy which we brought with us, singing, dancing and enjoying every minute of the show.

I would thoroughly recommend this show to those with under 5’s who will all love it.

After the show we went for our meet and greet with Upsy Daisy – Emmy loved this so much even if we did have to wait an hour until it was our turn – you wait until your name is called and we happened to be at the bottom of that list, much to Emmy’s disappointment as she got rather bored waiting.  She hasn’t stopped talking about the show since, telling anyone who will listen that she saw Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy.  It was a fantastic show and a great day out.

There are still tickets available to see in 3 London venues as well as Manchester and Birmingham.  Please visit the website for details:

I received free tickets to this show for review purposes however this did not influence my thoughts upon the show, please see my disclosure policy.  I paid for the meet and greet with Upsy Daisy and souvenir’s myself.

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