It’s about time to teach Independence

I’ve been a Mum for just over 8 years now and a Mum to two for 5 and a half years and it’s about high time that some of the things I, as a Mum, do for the children.

Yes, it’s my job to make sure all of their needs are met but the kids are now old enough to start gaining some independence and stop expecting Mum to do everything for them all of the time.

Of course I can’t and won’t just stop doing things for them but I have started letting them help me to do them or explaining how to do it themselves.

Children grow up so fast and I believe the earlier we start teaching them a little independence the better, otherwise we have another generation off to university who can’t change a bed, use a Hoover, cook simple meals or even wash up.

My husband’s Mum did everything for her boys, and I’m feeling that here. Clothes are left beside the bed, clean clothes magically appear in his wardrobe, he can’t use a washing machine and dishes get left by the sink 9 times out of 10. I don’t want my children to think Mum does all these things and it’s the norm.

Here are a few things my two have begun to now do for themselves (of course the lure of pocket-money helps a lot)

Emmy (age 8)

  • Help sweep/hoover the floor
  • Take her plate/cups etc. to the sink after meals
  • Make her bed
  • Empty the bins upstairs
  • Make cups of tea (supervised)
  • Make her own breakfast (cereal or toast) and often Harry’s too
  • Put clothes in the washing basket
  • Wash up
  • Tidy her room
  • Put clean clothes away in her room
  • Help make dinner with me – she can chop, peel, mix and reads the instructions for recipes, there are a few meals she can do entirely on her own now
  • Setting the table


Harry (age 5 and a half)

  • Make his bed
  • Put washing in the washing basket
  • Tidy his room
  • Help put clean clothes away in his room
  • Empty bins upstairs
  • Sweep the floor
  • Make his own breakfast (cereal or ready-made pancakes with fruit)
  • He also helps to make dinner with me, peeling, putting into pans and stirring
  • Setting the table

You can start guiding your children and helping them to become more independent from a very young age.

Things we teach our children without even realising are:

  • To feed themselves
  • To dress themselves
  • To wipe their own bottoms
  • To tie their own shoes
  • To use cutlery correctly
  • To blow their noses

I hope that by teaching independence from an early age that they both grow up to be helpful and independent adults. House work isn’t just a job for Mum it’s a job for every member of the house.


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