It’s almost time for a wardrobe reshuffle….ALMOST

wardrobe reshuffle

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I don’t want to speak too soon but Spring seems to finally be in the air. OK, this is the UK so we should be used to unpredictable weather by now but only last week was I walking Emmy to her school disco in her princess dress and bolero when the sun disappeared, the rain and then hail appeared meaning I had to give over my coat to her leaving me in only a 3/4 length sleeved top when it suddenly started snowing.

Yes, snow in April. I really don’t know why I was so surprised, we always have the most unpredictable weather but seeing as it is Spring I was hoping that the wet and cold weather was coming to an end.

This week however is a far cry from the snow, only yesterday we met up with friends and went on a long walk, outside without coats on and most of the time when in the sun it was nice. A tad chilly when in the shade but I still managed to come home sunburnt – I guess it is now time to carry around the suncream in my back once again.

With the weather changing, hopefully for the better until Autumn it is now time to think about changing the wardrobes around once again.

My spring and summer wear is safely packed away under my bed and in a corner wardrobe, as are the children’s and I now need to work out what fits, what I will never wear again and a list of things I need to buy ready for summer/our holiday to Turkey. Of course, top of my list are new designer sunglasses as I have been wearing my Ray Bans for so many years it’s certainly time for a change, after all, I did purchase them for my Australia holiday way back in 2002 – pre-wedding and pre-kids so they have lasted rather well. I’ve been looking at SmartBuyGlasses who sell designers sunglasses as well as normal glasses, something I also need to update too. I am currently eyeing up some rather lovely oversized Gucci sunglasses which would be perfect. What do you think?

It would, of course, be absolutely stupid to pack away all the winter clothes completely but there is no harm in finding a few of the t-shirts and summer dresses and my favourite cardi’s ready for the nicer weather.

feeding the duck and swans in spring
Feeding the ducks and swans in spring

I made a start today while starting on a massive spring clean, well an enforced spring clean if I am honest – my parents are staying over this weekend to look after the children while I whisk Paul away to a hotel for his 40th birthday, and you know what it’s like, knowing someone else is staying in your home ensures you clean the places which are only every cleaned for on this occasion, or a few times a year. The wardrobe doors were washed down, skirting boards cleaned, all the washing which was sitting on the chair finally put away and the kid’s rooms had the same treatment.

I have found a few of my favourite t-shirts and my linen/summer trousers are now in my wardrobe ready for the warm weather, my cardigans have replaced my jumpers in my wardrobe and I have a list of items I need to purchase before the hot weather really hits us (hopefully).

I need to buy some shorts which are comfy/I actually like, find some nice wide fit sandals and need to find where I have put all my thin chiffon scarves as they are perfect for adding a little warmth to an outfit or even making into waistcoats or other items of clothing such as dresses and tops – just a few twists and knots and these are just so versatile and my favourite spring/summer items.

I have finally put away the winter hats, gloves and scarves and found the children’s raincoats and thinner coats – sadly I can’t chance putting away their winter coats just yet so out coat rail in the hallway is looking a little overfilled.

Have you been enjoying some of the nicer weather yet? Do you switch wardrobes over from autumn/winter to spring/summer?

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