It’s just the #LittleThings in life sometimes

Looking back through my Facebook timeline can sometimes be a little depressing – status’ written after a sleep depraved night, sick kids yet AGAIN and any other excuse to moan.
This post is set to change that and the way I look at life.
Sometimes it’s the little things which are over looked but the ones which bring a smile on a dreary day.
I am going to share 10 #LittleThings from the last week which have made me smile, this is a post I am writing in collaboration with Freixenet who are running a competition amongst 10 bloggers, however it has inspired me to make this a weekly post, to remember things which I’ve smiled over and to change the negativity which sometimes creeps in.
  • Having a drink and a catch up with a friend- a good friend Jo came over with her kids today – the kids all played nicely together and we had a chance to sit and natter
  • Emmy surprising me by reading the first page of her new reading book herself – she read 3 words which were new to her by sounding them out phonetically
  • Getting Harry’s vile nappy into the black bin in time for the dustmen to take it straight away – believe me when kids have stomach upsets this is a very good thing
  • Happy deliveries on a day when you’ve had NO sleep and have been clearing up sick for hours- this was VERY welcomed, and cracked open early!
  • Finding an unscratched scratch card in my purse and winning £10 when my purse was empty!
  • Logging onto Facebook just as a friend is adding an amazing bargain to the local selling page – so much of a bargain that I’ve snapped up for Harry’s 3rd birthday – Yes he has only just turned 2, it’s being stored in my in-laws loft until next October and I LOVE it!
  • Walking through the front door after the school run just as the heavens open
  • My best friend bringing me a surprise night time treat just for me
  • Finding one of my favourite jumpers forgotten in a suitcase in the back of my bedroom cupboard, I thought it had been lost and gone forever
  • Finding the Christmas present Emmy has been wanting for over a year (begging for) less than half price!!
I’m going to try to make this a weekly post sharing the #LittleThings of my week which have made me smile.

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15 thoughts on “It’s just the #LittleThings in life sometimes

  1. This is a great idea and a lovely list of positives. I always struggle to keep positive when I am absolutely exhausted. This is something good to focus on though. I hope everyone in your house is feeling much better now.

  2. Great list and such a good thing to try and do regularly. I love a bargain too – wish I could find the items on my kids' lists reduced!!

  3. That's a great list and what a good idea to try and do it regularly – it is really easy sometimes to be focused on all the sleep deprivation and the struggles that parenthood can bring and lose sight of the little things. That delivery looks like it was much needed, glad you managed to snap up a couple of present bargains and get an unexpected scratch card win and isn't it such a great feeling to find something that we thought we'd lost? #thankfulthursday

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