It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

It might seem like a long way off right now, but the truth is, Christmas is well and truly on its way. I know, I know. IT’S ONLY OCTOBER. But before you tut and click off this page, it’s really worth thinking about the fact that this holiday really does always tend to creep up on us, in a much scarier way than anything Halloween can bring! Now, whilst in all honesty it seems like you have ages and ages to prepare, it’s best to get a move on, quick!

According to Everyday Loans in this article, just the basics of having a child are costing almost £4000 per year, and that’s not even taking into account things like Christmas presents. There will be so, so much that you’ll have to buy, even if you’re not prone to spoiling the children – that’s my pitfall!  From the gifts that you’ll have to order in advance, to the ones you’ll have to find replacements for because Santa can’t quite afford them this year, there’ll be so much to consider that you best get started now!
Of course, it’s not just about the children – there are gifts to buy for everyone else, and cards to write, or even make. It’s one of those annoying times where you actually have to sit down and put a pen to paper for once, carefully making sure you don’t miss anyone off your list (or the kids’). You’ll have to think of everyone at school. At work. At church, or your other groups. It can be a nightmare, too, so you’ll want to have a few spares to hand to save embarrassment. “Oh, yeah, I did write you one but I left it at home, so sorry!” doesn’t really wash with anyone! For the people who are extra special and deserve a little something more, you can get personalised cards made by ChuckleMonster, just to add that thoughtful touch.
The actual arrangements of Christmas day itself will need to be considered, too. Where will the children open their presents? If you and your partner are separated, where will they spend the day? Where will they eat? There’s plenty to think about. Speaking of eating – do you want turkey, or do you fancy something else? Does the whole family just want to escape altogether and spend the season abroad?
There’s so much to think about from budget to everything else. Whether you’re religious or not, Christmas is an exciting time of year. Do you celebrate Christmas? I certainly enjoy it much more now I’m a Mum and I can spoil the kids. 

What are your plans this year and are you like me and have the ‘battle’ of who’s parents you go around to avoid cooking? 


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