It’s spring honestly!

I woke up this morning to find the ground covered in white, this time not snow but frost and quite frankly I’ve now had enough!

Both my children are poorly – Emmy has the flu and Harry Broncialitis again – this is the 2nd time Harry has had it and he isn’t 6 months old yet, the first time he ended up in hospital twice on oxygen and a nebuliser, so quite frankly in my humble opinion this weather can do one right now!

It’s ruined my Easter – OK they still had a good time, but our egg hunt was done inside with Emmy too poorly to eat any of her chocolate – she is THAT ill! Emmy hasn’t eaten now for 3 days and she is already skin and bone so can’t afford to loose any more weight.

Nanny helped to brighten my mood today but buying Emmy a summer dress for Easter, it’s a lovely white dress with Poppy’s all over – Emmy loves it, in fact she loves it so much she has worn it to bed.

To help brighten my mood some more I have been searching for shoes to complete Emmy’s outfit to her Godmother’s wedding in 4 weeks time.  This is the outfit Emmy chose with a tiny guidance:

Isn’t she adorable?

She has a fuchsia sash/shawl to match and I’m hoping she won’t be too cold – the wedding is in Cornwall, however once inside she will be fine I’m sure.  As much as I think her Black flashing shoes worn in this picture will work, they are becoming tight so in 4 weeks they definitely won’t fit. 

Drawn in by the TV advert she saw today Lelli Kelly’s have been on her mind, I must admit I do also think they are cute however just not affordable to me at the moment in time with a hen weekend in two weeks and a wedding in 4 – that’s 2 weekend’s away to fund, as well as outfits, food and drink.  So I am currently bidding on eBay for a brand new pair of Lelli Kelly sandals instead.  She is determined as am I that they will match her dress perfectly so I had better win them.

Just incase I am searching for alternatives.  Where do you buy your children’s going out fancy shoes?

I managed to get distracted while looking, as always and came across some fur lined UGG flip flops from AlexandAlexa which Emmy spotted and wanted.  She isn’t very good at walking in flip flops yet always wants to try because as soon as the weather turns nice I live in flip flops, they are all I really wear in the warmer weather (or freezing cold and snow if pregnant and my feet have swollen yet again!).  I think these would be a good option for her as they have a fur lined back to them so her feet wouldn’t slip out as they usually do.

They definitely wouldn’t go with her wedding outfit, but may just be on a wish list now for Emmy – boy that list is getting longer and longer, I dread to think what she will be like as a teenager.

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