I’ve got a secret to tell


There is something I’ve been keeping quiet for quite a few weeks now.  Something which a few choice people already know and something which generally isn’t announced for a while yet until it is safe to do so, however if all doesn’t go to plan I wouldn’t keep it quiet so here goes…..

Emmys Mummy - Pregnancy test 2-3 weeks
Emmys Mummy - Pregnancy Test 3+ weeks
There my secret is out.  I’ve haven’t hidden the fact that pregnancy for me has never been easy – I’ve told you all about my 3 previous miscarriages and since having my miracle baby Emmy I have had another 2 early ones.
So I find myself on the rollercoaster again, hoping I don’t get thrown off the ride too early yet again.
Already it hasn’t been plain sailing with spotting over the weekend a few weeks ago, a visit to EPU resulting in a huge Diva style strop when after 4 hours I still hadn’t been seen so I walked out.  I now find myself just over 8 weeks with a booking in appointment tomorrow – the 17th.  I was referred back to my consultant however they now do things differently and you receive a letter to book yourself in – which I have, I grabbed the nearest appointment date I could and was seen by a lovely new consultant at a different hospital yesterday.  He was great despite the clinic over-running already by the time I arrived so having to wait hours to be seen, he has drawn up a plan for more testing should this all go wrong and would have liked me to have been prescribed pessaries this time but at over 8 weeks was too late to start – that’s the NHS for you.  He then booked me for a scan which was today – here is the result of that scan:
Emmys Mummy - Scan 8 + 2 weeks
Baby Nicholas number 2.  8 + 2 weeks pregnant with an EDD (at the moment) of 24th October (my Nan’s birthday)๏ปฟ
There is a large patch of blood to the upper right of the picture which they are hoping will reabsorb itself – I had this with Emmy too so hoping it won’t cause too much of a problem.
Time will tell I guess, if I’m quiet at times this is why….. feel free to hold my hand as I am rather worried and scared but trying to keep a positive attitude and a smile.

54 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret to tell

  1. Congratulations! look forward to hear the brilliant news and arrival of your little one. Although I dont know you personally I wish you the very best x

  2. Over here from Facebook. Congratulations! Wonderful stuff.

    I remember the worry that accompanied early pregnancy after experiencing a couple of losses myself, but you're already past the biggest danger period.

    Sit tight, take care, I think everyone's rooting for you. x

  3. It is so scary I know. I had most of my spotting in the early weeks, and they saw a bleed on my scan around 6 weeks that never materialised. But I did spot on and off for 23 weeks, but it made no difference to the pregnancy or the baby, so I'm hoping the same for you. Rubbish that you have to worry all the time, but fingers crossed and congrats on news so far ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Massive Congratulations to you all, bean looks lovely and shapely, I am already guessing another Emmy ๐Ÿ˜‰ take it easy and hopefully as things progress you can begin to enjoy the journey of the miracle of life! Sending love, hugs and lorry loads of sticking glue for beanyo x

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