Jack Russell Clothing – Lounge Pants

I wonder how many of you are like me?  I literally count down the hours until it is feasable for me to pop on my pj’s!
I am at the really annoying between dress sizes at the moment and unlike shoes clothes do not come in half sizes (although they really should do!).  I am currently between a size 12-14 which is another post in itself as I really need to loose weight and stop eating Emmy’s left overs.
Now I am working again I feel I should dress for work, usually this is jeans and jumpers/t-shirts as I am down on the floor playing with children however after a day in jeans all I want when I get home is something comfy to wear but often is it too early for my trusty pj’s.  Thanks to Jack Russell Clothing I now have the answer I have been looking for.
Pull-On Loungers are quite simply the most comfortable trousers I have ever owned!  They are made from 100% soft cotton, come in a cute checkered pattern and have an extremely comfy drawstring waistband.  They do look like pj trousers and could be worn as pj’s – I however use them as my ‘and relax’ trousers – you know what I mean girls. 
I have worn them nearly ever day since I was sent them a few weeks ago, no I lie, I have worn them every day! They wash very well and being 100% cotton dry very quickly, I tend to wash them overnight then pop either on the line or in the airing cupboard for a few hours then they are ready to wear again.  I’m wearing them as I type, after a long day at a party with Emmy they were the first thing I grabbed when I walked through the door.
They retail at £39.00 which I originally thought was a tad high however seeing how well they wash and just how comfy they are I am already thinking of getting a spare pair.  You get what you pay for after all and unlike many other similar items these after 12 washes so far (well I needed to put them through a proper testing) have not shrunk, faded or bobbled.  I love them.
(Trying to get an over excited girl ready for bed)
These Pull-On Loungers come in two sizes S/M and L/XL, I am wearing the larger size and would say these would be comfy for a size up to 16.  They are machine washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried (although best not to) and can be ironed although I haven’t actually needed to.
To see further Jack Russell Clothing visit http://www.jackrussellclothing.com/.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  Also keep an eye out for their sales as you can grab yourself a bargain. 
Jack Russell Clothing are a British company making all their clothing in the UK or Europe.  They love the Jack Russell terrier as they are loyal, brave, tenacious, honest and originally Made In Britain just like themselves so used it as their role model!  A great touch to this can be found on their website as you add your items to the ‘Dog Basket’.

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