Jackson Reece Baby Wipes

As I have mentioned before, I have to be very careful with the products I use in the bath with Emmy as she has rather sensitive skin – often flaring up resulting in numberous visits to the doctors or even a few times the out of hours doctors.  While I have spent hours researching bath products which do not contain chemicals so her skin isn’t affected however I must admit I hadn’t given much thought to the wipes I used on her except for that they should be sensitive wipes.

I’m not too sure why it didn’t accur to me that there were also the same chemicals found in baby wipes as in the bath products which had been irratating Emmy’s skin – a huge list of products which I had been avoiding are actually found in the wipes I had been using on her since birth.  I actually only discovered this resently when the lovely people over at Jackson Reece sent me some of their wipes to try out with Emmy.  It was then I realised my big mistake and after using these wipes I will not be changing back to the brand I had been using for almost 21 months.

I was sent 3 packs of Jackson Reece wipes to try out: Natural Wipes, Herbal Wipes and Flushable wipes.  I have used both of the Baby wipes on Emmy now and have actually set aside the flushable wipes for when we attempt potty training which will be sooner than I had hoped/thought as she is showing signs already.

Herbal Wipes:  These were my favourite of the 2 packs as they had a lovely smell to them.  There are 72 wipes in a pack meaning the pack does last quite some time as the wipes are also thicker than normal wipes meaning I actually used a lot less of them resulting in the wipes lasting a lot longer than usual which for me is great – they are not as cheap as the wipes I used to use however as i’m using less and the pack is lasting longer they work out to be good value for money. These contain Organic Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and Lavender.

Unscented Natural Wipes:  These are almost the same as the herbal wipes except they are unscented/fragrance free and are especially designed for children with eczema and sensitive skin.  They also have a new rigid label which helps to keep the pack closed properly resulting in the wipes staying moist and fresh.

A little about Jackson Reece products:

  • They are 100% bio-degradable, compostable and make from chorine free cloth
  • Use degradable packaging (they are the 1st baby wipe company in the world to use this packaging)
  • 99% of the ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts
  • They use a unique vegetable based preservation system
  • They are dermatoloically and hypoallergenic approved and are pH balanced
  • Not tested on animal
  • Made in the UK
  • Unlike most baby wipes they do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Alcohol, Lanolin, Phthalates, MIT, Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene glycol, Petro Chemicals, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoates or Soap.

Phew, that’s a long list – I can’t believe I hadn’t realised all those chemicals were found in baby wipes.  I truely am converted, and once I have gone through my stock of other brand wipes I will from now on only be buying these wipes for Emmy.

Jackson Reece wipes have won a whole host of awards including: Mother & Baby Awards (Bronze and Gold) for Best Baby Wipe, Mother & Baby Best Buy Award, Practical Pre-School Awards (Gold), Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Bronze Awards for Baby Wipes and Toddler Toilet Wipes and many more.

To read more about Jackson Reece please visit their website http://www.jacksonreece.com./  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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