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The lovely John Crane have recently moved premises and everyone is starting to think Christmas (Well I’m actually scared to think Christmas as it seems soooo long away however it’s being mentioned and I guess this year I should get ready early), so what better time for a visit to John Crane’s lovely new offices to play with look at toys – It’s such a hard life.

Luckily Emmy stayed at home with Daddy today so Mummy could chat research all the new toys which have now been added to her Christmas/Must have list. It has doubled in size after this event as I’m a huge fan of the traditional wooden style toys so was in my element today surrounded by them.

Here are just a few of my favourite items:

Tidlo – My First Make-Up and Beauty Set –  This set comes in it’s own Pink vanity case complete with: Play Lipstick, play nail vanish, play perfume, 4 powder pots, a play hairdryer, a mirror and a brush.  It is recommended for ages 3+

Emmy keeps trying to use my make-up so this would be perfect for her.

Pintoy – White Vanity Unit with Hearts.   This three piece set includes; a dressing table, a stool and a mirror! Decorated in flowers and swirls it would be perfect for Emmy bedroom! This pretty vanity unit is made from replenishable rubber wood (which means it’s eco friendly!)

Pintoy – New Ride on Digger.  
This new child’s size construction toy is perfect for active play and features four wheels for a stable ride.  It has a working digger scoop which can move up and down as well as left and right.
Emmy would love this in her sand pit at home.

B is a new range for John Crane, a whole world away from the traditional wooden toys which they are known for – these are fun and funky musical instruments with a difference.

Symphony in B – This electronic toy has a choice of 13 musical instruments, which can be stored in a compartment at the back.  It also has a choice of 15 songs.  Children can choose up to six of the instruments and place them in the orchestra pit to hear them play together.  This mix and match game also has lights to help teach children about the different sections that the instruments belong to such as woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard or strings.  Children can also record their own and playback their music too. 

I spent ages playing with this toy myself – it was hard not too.

Tidlo – Red Non Stick Cookware Set  – Non-Stick Cookware is a charming 11 piece set. The Non-Stick Cookware set is ideal for role play and developing important early life skills. The set is designed with an authentic look and incorporates modern non-stick technology.

This would be a great set for Emmy’s cooker

I could quite easily carry on naming products I loved as there very so many so I have limited myself to five, however also worth a mention are:

  • The lovely bags in the Lilliputiens range
  • Theo Sleeping bag by Lilliputiens
  • Tidlo balance bikes – My first bike
  • Tidlo double sided foldable easel

Infact I have actually just purchased the easel for Emmy to put away for Christmas but it’s a secret – Don’t tell her.

Thanks to John Crane for letting me be a BIG kid in a toy warehouse and also to Roz – Life, love and lollipops, (loved my baby snuggles), Laura – The life and times of the working mum (Good luck for your return to work next week) and to Leta – Attachment Mummy – It was lovely to meet you all and hopefully we can all chat again soon (and eat sausage rolls and marshmallow’s).

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