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There have been times when I have been collecting for friends presents, leaving presents, baby gifts etc. and I’ve taken charge of collection the money from others to buy this gift.  This can always be tricky as no-one really wants to be sending their bank details out over texts or emails, I’ve not seen those I’m collecting from to collect the actual money and keeping track of who has given what at the school gates is just the worst.

I am a worrier when it comes to this and would much rather pass the buck to others in case I loose some of the donations, the figures don’t add up or someone pays and I can’t remember who it was – in this case I usually end up putting in twice the amount I need to just to make the figures match.

It is now the time for collections at school again for the teachers Christmas gifts and just in time I have been introduced to

leetchi-com-logo is the leading European service for online group money collection. Its easy and secure interface allows anyone to create a money pot and invite other participants with the aim to finance any type of project. With Leetchi money pot you can turn your projects into a reality from buying group gifts (for birthdays, leaving dos, weddings, baby
showers etc.), organising events to raising money for charity and much more!
This was the brainchild of Céline Lazorthes, was found she often faced with the problem of advancing money to buy
a group gift and having to spent a lot of time chasing people up to pay her back. Whether it was for the hen party being organised for a friend or a common wedding gift, she found it was very hard for her to get fully reimbursed by her friends. Her light-bulb moment arrived when Celine was in charge or organising an integration weekend for her
class at HEC Paris. She struggled a lot to raise money from students, this is when she envisaged an online money pot that would help to overcome all the difficulties associated with collecting money in a group.

Céline says:

‘With, we’ve tried to create an easy and convenient service to collect money for any occasion while keeping in mind our consumer’s concerns and online behaviour’
And it worked! Today, has 6 million users and counting…
This site can be use for so many different private collections from Birthdays, events, community projects, housewarming gifts, wedding presents, memorials and so much more.
You are also able donate to various charities this way by browsing other users public pots and donating to their good causes should you want to.

How it works:

Users sign up and open an account and then they can set up their personalised money pot online, sending this link to friends and family who they want to contribute to the pot. The money is collected via a secure payment system online which then add it to the online money pot.
Once you’ve collected the money from everyone this can then be used free of charge to purchase from partner sites, or you can have this money transferred to a specified bank account for a fee of 2% transfer fees (for money transfers over £2000 or 4% for transfers below). have signed up already as a partner company in the UK with over 100 partners signed up in France.
It is very easy to set up an account. Firstly, you need to choose the occasion and add the name of the gift’s recipient, then you name the fund pot.
Then you need to set up your account by adding your name, email address and a password. Now you are able to send out the link to your pot to friends and family and start raising the money for that birthday, wedding, or special occasion.
 I found it really easy to set up an account and to get started and to also share the link with a few friends which you can do so via Facebook, Twitter, G+ or you can email the link over.  There is also an option to embed a widget into blog posts and into websites.
You can see messages which are added along with the donations – these can be used to add to the cards, printed off or even just shown to the recipient at a later date.
I think this would be an easier way of collecting those school gate funds and I know that it would mean that I would feel better using this than worrying abut losing some of the pot at the bottom of my handbag……of course I would much prefer to pass the buck to someone else entirely as I am always far too busy but if it is my turn again soon I know I would use this for the collections.
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