Bad weather stops play – sponsered abseil

The weather has been quite nice all week, we have been in the garden lots and Emmy and I were even cutting the grass at 6pm last night before having a waterfight then bath time.

Why does it alway happen when you make plans to be outside that it rains? Just as when I go shopping for a particular item I can never find it, until i’m no longer looking or needing it – then I find loads.

Well you guessed right; it happen again today. Paul was supposed to be doing a sponsered abseil down the side of our local church, Waltham Abbey Church. It has been planned for months, sponsers collected and excitement building.  So we were very disappointed when we opened the curtains this morning to not only find rain but huge puddles where it had been raining all night. We called the organisers and were told it was on hold and may be on this afternoon, so all we could do was wait.

2pm arrived, the time of the climb and another call to the organisers was made and due to how wet it was it had been cancelled. This is obviously disappointing however a new date is to be arranged, and we hope to be able to make this date. So watch this space. As long as it’s not the next 2 Saturdays it should be fine.

Money raised will be split between the Church (Paul and I were married here 4 and a bit years ago and Emmy christened here last November) and Breast Cancer Care.  Breast Cancer Care is a charity very close to our hearts at the moment so we are hoping to do our bit and raise lots of money for a great charity.

Now this is how you can help!!  

 (As long as the new date provided is free)
If you would like to see me do this along with Paul (I am not great with heights by the way) then just follow my blog and leave a comment below, also comment on my FB page telling me you have done this Facebook.

Once I get to 100 ‘likes’ I will sign up.

What am I letting myself in for?? I’m shaking at the thought already.
Waltham Abbey Church


If you would like to donate directly to Breast Cancer Care please do so here.


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5 thoughts on “Bad weather stops play – sponsered abseil

  1. Thank you. We are doing this as my lovely mummy in law has breast cancer. I have done indoor rock climbing but never this. I'm scared but for a good cause.
    We will post pics and maybe a video after

  2. Brilliant! Well done you!!!Im sure you will get the likes 🙂
    I've abseiled but 11 years ago, amazing!! Church looks lovely what an amazing story you will have to tell 🙂 Love Being Mummy To Two xx

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