The joys of parenthood – Baby proofing

Before I had my own children I had always said I wasn’t going to change my house around too much for the kids, it was our house and I/we as parents would teach them boundaries and they would have to learn the word “NO”.

I didn’t want locks on everything, stairgates everywhere or to remove my very expensive stone coffee table, in theory our house is big enough to accommodate children without them causing too much of a takeover or too much chaos, well that’s what I thought anyway.

Fast-forward to Emmy being born and I changed from the most laid back person to worrying about everything and the moment she started crawling stairgates went up at the top and bottom of the stairs, my coffee table was padded out with foam floor tiles to stop her cracking her head open on it (this comes from personal experience as I still sport the scar left from stitches to my forehead after landing on the corner of my parents coffee table), and latches went onto the cupboard.  To start with I only secured the cupboards under the sinks where the bleach etc. was kept, soon this extended to the others when she started pulling the china from the cupboards.

Then of course other household items I thought were safe suddenly weren’t, she could climb and her favourite trick was climbing onto her chair to push onto the flatscreen TV and also to wobble it – this then needed securing to the TV unit to stop her pushing it off and breaking it or pulling it on top of herself.

Of course by the time Harry arrived and climbed onto EVERYTHING I was more than ready for it and the house was completely baby-proofed.

It’s funny the way you picture parenting in your head quite often is the exact opposite to your dream, my house if now completely turned over to the kids even down to over half of my front room becoming a playroom for them – BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way now.

The rooms I thought I wouldn’t need to baby-proof too much because the ones which needed the most attention, I thought my front room would scape unscathed and the kitchen would need the most catches, locks and foam adding.  Sun Life have a fun and interactive quiz which helps to show you the dangers in each household room and what you can do to baby-proof those rooms.

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