Jumping for Joy in his Jumperoo #Review

Harry is full of energy, never wants to stop or nap and loves to bounce or jump all the time.

He was recently sent a great product which helps to wear him out in time for bed or naps and stops him trying to climb on the sofa to bounce with Emmy.

The Fisher Price Discover n Grow Jumperoo is suitable for use when a baby can hold their heads up unassisted until they can walk or climb out – Emmy had one when she was younger and we started using it when she was 5 months old.

Fisher Price Discover n Grow Jumperoo, www.emmysmummy.com

This comes in a few parts however is very easy to put together (I did it without the instructions in less than 5 minutes). 

Firstly click together the bottom poles to make a triangle base.  Next you need to attach the fabric seat into the circular seat, then this is pushed and clicked into the main frame. 

Clicking in the 3 leg poles completes the main structure and all that is left to do is push the toys into the correct positioning holes (remembering to add the batteries – 3AA batteries which aren’t included).

Fisher Price Discover n Grow Jumperoo, www.emmysmummy.com

The Jumperoo has many play options to keep Harry entertained and amused, mirror toy with an arch with toys attached to move across the pole.

The seat rotates 360 degrees allowing access to the toys all around this activity centre.  Toys hanging down swing and can be grabbed and batted. 

The musical piano has 2 volume levels as well as an off button (always a bonus in any toy), and 2 playing modes.  The animals either side of the piano can be spun around.  The is also a roller ball toy.  There is a teether toy which can be chewed on too.

Then there is the main feature of this toy – Jumping!  Well it’s not called a Jumperoo for nothing – Harry loves to jump as you can see for yourselves.

This Jumperoo is adjustable to 3 levels and useable up to 25lbs.

The eye catching colours help to stimulate which not being to over powering in my front room. Harry also loves all the lights and noises.  This is definitely a hit with us.

You can buy this Discover n Grow Jumperoo at any other the retailers found here.

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