Jungle Junction TaxiCrab Boat Review

Emmy loves the theme tune to the show Jungle Junction and dances away to it whenever it come on the TV so she was instantly excited when she was presented with the TaxiCrab Boat for review.

This playset includes the character TaxiCrab and a fun boat.  The boat is on wheels so can be pushed around the room easily – Emmy loves seeing how fast she can push it from one end of the room to the other.

You can make TaxiCrab walk the plank or take him up into the lift to drive the boat.  Emmy finds the lift a little stiff and can not do this unaided however with help it is achievable. 

You can also drop TaxiCrab into his boat and watch him whizz straight out the other side when the door is opened – Emmy likes this part and giggles when he crashes off the coffee table.

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Whizzing TaxiCrab
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Spinning the propeller

There is a propeller on top of the boat which can spun around and a sail at the front which can be moved.

The boat is sturdy and even when pushed at speed it doesn’t wobble over. 

This hasn’t held Emmy’s attention very well as she has been getting frustrated that she can not make the lift work herself, however she does love whizzing the Crab as fast as she can launching him off obstacles which she creates for him.

Priced at £29.99 this bright playset is aimed at pre-school children, you can find more Jungle Junction toys available from www.flairplc.co.uk

Disclaimer:  We were sent this item for review however all thoughts expressed are my own and Emmy’s unbiased views.

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