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This is another review as part of my role as a Karcher Clean Ambassador – a role I am really enjoying, and my house is loving it too.  Parts of it are being cleaned for the first time in 10 years! Yes there are parts of my house I haven’t cleaned since I moved in 10 years ago.
The Patio being one of those places until the arrival of our new toy.  The Karcher K4 Compact Home is a Pressure Washer for outdoor use and is priced at £232.09.  Small, easy to transport & ideal for all cleaning tasks.  It comes complete Karcher’s long life water-cooled motor, vario lance & home kit with patio cleaner & detergent.
Karcher, Karcher Clean Ambassador, K4 Compact Home, Review
Setting up this machine is actually very easy.  You need to connect it to your hose making sure the connectors are tightened or clicked into place properly.  You then need to attach the nozzle you require.  This takes a little practice as you need to put a bit of force into clicking the attachment in place and then twisting closed, then there is a screw close fastening to make sure it is fully secure.  Fiddly to start with however after a few tries you do get the hang of it.
What I kept forgetting was to unscrew the catch first before trying to untwist the attachment off – much to Paul’s amusement and the calls of “No, I can do this, I need to be able to do it myself” (normally I wouldn’t admit that however should you have the same problem I wanted to show you you’re not alone).
My first job with the Karcher K4 Compact Home was my patio, about a quarter of my garden is brick patio and I actually hadn’t realised how dirty it was until I cleaned it properly.
Karcher, Karcher Clean Ambassador, K4 Compact Home, Review
One brick test
I started with one brick just to show the difference and I was rather impressed and surprised at the results.
I cleverly stupidly decided it would be a great idea to clean the patio with the kids around, Emmy soon tired of the noise and the mess however Harry was in his element paddling in the water, splashing and getting muddy and messy!
Karcher, Karcher Clean Ambassador, K4 Compact Home, Review
Although this pressure washer comes with a T250 patio cleaner attachment I found because my patio was SO dirty it wasn’t very effective and didn’t clean inbetween the bricks to remove all of the dirt.  Instead of using this attavhment I started with the dirt blaster lance was the most effective for getting inbetween the bricks.  Now I have done a proper job and the patio is now clean – next time the patio cleaner will be enough for a good clean.  I promise not to leave it 10 years until the next time!
Karcher, Karcher Clean Ambassador, K4 Compact Home, Review
One thing to note is don’t do this the day after your window cleaner has been – yes I made that mistake, just look at the frame in the above picture, it got a LOT worse!  However it was easy enough to clean again using the vario nozzle attachment.
Using the Vario nozzle I was also able to clean both the children’s playhouses and all of their garden toys. 
This K4 Compact home would be ideal for tidying up garden toys stored in the garden after the winter.  You can also clean the car with it – something I never do myself as it is impossible to find the time with two young children around (not having a drive makes it impossible). 
I found cleaning the patio difficult as the water pooled in the middle and at the grass edges, it had no where to seep away and so dirty puddles sat around.  Harry thought this was great fun though and just kept jumping in those puddles.
Although it is an expensive machine, if you would use it to clean the car as well as use in the garden it is well worth the investment.  It is study and built to last and even comes with a 3 year guarantee.
You can find out more about this and other Karcher product over on the website – www.karcher.co.uk and on Facebook and Twitter
Disclaimer:  We received this item FOC as part of our ambassadors role.  All thoughts and opinions are my own
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  1. I adore Karcher products – we have the steam cleaner, the window vac and the pressure washer and all of them are just so good at their jobs! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I am really impressed with ours, the way it got our paths clean was just amazing! It did get a bit messy around the doors though, oh and I got completely splattered!

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