Pitching the kids off against each other – keeping active with kids

Competition is good and my children love to compete against each other whether that is who can get dressed the quickest, finish their dinner the first, who can jump the highest on the trampoline and even run the fastest.  As long as there is a winner they are happy to compete – although the outcome of winner and loser is always followed by tears.

Don’t you just love kids!

Over the weekend I set them a challenge with the help of Brioche Pasquier, the French family bakers.  This challenge was to move the other, armed with a pedometer each they had to keep moving as much as they could throughout the day and see who could clock up the most steps.

This of course sounds easy for children, however after the first week back at school where they walk there and back, factoring in after school swimming lessons they were both shattered and would have happily watched TV all weekend.  This is something I am keen to avoid as although they are both very skinny and eat quite well, children do need a good balance of exercise too.

First up was a dog walk, the children both took their pedometers in their pockets and we headed off to the football fields armed with pushchair and doll and a pull along wagon – I’ve no idea whey those had to come too but the kids were happy, teamed with their pedometers in their pockets we managed to walk around the 3 fields behind our house before they were worn out.

keeping active with kids
Tiring work

Step count:

Emmy: 5391
Harry: 5413

Not happy at all that Harry was ahead they then went into the garden to bounce on the trampoline for around 45 minute

Step count – for all of Saturday:

Emmy: 10378
Harry: 10106

Absolutely shattered we headed out to TGI’s for a nice family lunch before picking up my Mum who was going to babysit the children for the evening while Paul and I went out to a wedding reception.

Sunday:  Paul and I were rather tired after having a very late night but the children remembered their pedometers and were set to beat each other so we headed off to the park – running there and back again and all over the park in a bid to beat each other.

keeping active with kids

Once home they were in the garden again jumping on the trampoline and then when too warm and worn out we popped on some music and they danced and played musical statues for another hour.

Step count:

Emmy: 8933
Harry: 8933

I do admit to cheating slightly and walking a few steps wearing Emmy’s pedometer as late on a Sunday night noticing that Harry’s read almost 50 more than hers would have caused a huge argument and by this point they were in their pyjama’s and lets face it, fighting children on a Sunday night is NEVER fun.

Although I did cheat, the children had a blast pitching themselves against each other and without realising it they moved a lot more which of course is a good thing.

If you would like to take up this challenge with your children then Brioche Pasquier have an on pack promotion on their PITCH products where by entering the unique codes onto the website here you can receive a pedometer yourself (5 codes are needed), there is also a chance to win prizes by entering those code.

I think this really is a fun way to encourage children to get fit and keep active and of course after a little exercise a drink and a snack is always welcomed.


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