Keeping Hydrated in the Summer

love summer activities? Swimming, the beach, camping trips—the
summer months are a great opportunity to spend time with family.
However with all of the fun, it can be easy to forget to take care of
basic bodily needs. Staying hydrated should be the number one
priority of anyone wishing to spend time outdoors during the hottest
time of the year.
Water Play Fun
Drinking Water Easy
hard to remember to drink water until extreme thirst sets in. Combat
dehydration by keeping water coolers close to the pool, campsite, or
wherever people may need a drink. Water coolers serve as a reminder
to replenish bodily fluids. Adding fresh sprigs of mint or a slice of
lemon also encourages hydration because it gives water flavour. Some
find it helpful to set a cell phone to go off when it’s
time to get a drink. Drinking an 8-ounce glass of water prior to
exercise will help prevent dehydration and having another glass after
exercise helps the body recover.
Personal Hydration and Body Temperature
most accurate way to check hydration is by taking note of urine
colour. Dark orange urine is a sign that the body has not received
enough fluids. Ideally urine should be pale yellow to almost clear in
colour, and frequent drinks from a water dispenser will help achieve
this. Body temperature is also something that needs to be taken into
account. Running cold water over the wrists helps cool the body. Wear
a hat and try to stay in the shade as much as possible to prevent
overheating. Also consider moving cardiovascular exercises inside for
the duration of the summer months.
Dietary Habits
foods and simple carbohydrates deplete bodily fluids, putting people
at risk for dehydration. Opt for lean meats, such as chicken and
turkey, which won’t
weigh so heavily on the stomach or cause fatigue like a cheeseburger
might. Fruits and vegetables have high water content and lots of
beneficial vitamins, which makes them the perfect snack. The body
also loses high amounts of sodium through sweating, so enjoy foods
and beverages that will maintain electrolyte balance, like chocolate
milk. Also try freezing fruit and vegetable juices for a nutritious
summer treat.
Tips to Beat the Heat

possible, try to schedule outdoor activities for the early morning or
late evening hours. By taking advantage of the coolest parts of the
day, it is much easier to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance.
Place fans near the water coolers or anywhere else that people might
be, and carry a small hand-held fan for a quick cool down. Wrapping a
damp cloth around the neck or forehead helps lower body temperature
and prevent overheating. Additionally wearing clothing made from
breathable materials, like cotton, helps the body keep cool. Ice
packs are also a good way to stay cool after a day in the sun.
let the heat put an end to summer plans, but do pay attention to
bodily needs. Take
frequent rests by the water cooler to stay hydrated and enjoy outdoor
activities when it is coolest.
advantage of these helpful tips and start enjoying summer today!

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