Keeping snug on the School run – National walk to School month

As you know Emmy is in Reception now, gone are the days of getting away with saying she fancied a day off and me being a soft touch and letting her!  I know, I know but I do enjoy having her at home with me so much.
Now we live slap back in the middle of 2 catchment schools so I chose to send her to the follow on to her pre-school, where she had been attending nursery for the previous year.  Both school are equal distance from us and both as good as each other so I just opted for where her friends attended.
We walk to school!  It’s our thing.  Infact since she started Nursery there the previous year I have only once driven her to school when I had to go out straight from the School run.
There are a few reasons for this:
  • Time constraints – by the time I’ve loaded both kids into the car, battled the morning rush,  parked,  unloaded both kids, got Harry into the buggy and gotten Emmy into her classroom I could have walked there and back already.
  • Parking at the school is a nightmare which should be avoided at all costs!
  • We live only 20 minutes from the school. It’s easy to walk
  • There is no need at all to drive
OK the weather is getting MUCH colder and I’m suffering from a horrid cold (dare I say man flu?) but as long as we wrap well and dress appropriately then this isn’t a problem.
Wellie Boots are needed in the rain or Snow boots I actually prefer as they keep our feet toasty. 
Emmy has been sent some beautiful Hi-Tec (St Moritz 200 Waterproof Junior Winter Boot in Charcoal, Bright Pink & Bahama Blue) boots  which are fully lined, made from a waterproof suede with a mesh upper.  They feature a Dri-Tec waterproof membrane and have a 200g Thinsulate insulation which keeps Emmy’s feet nice and toasty as well as offering added cushioning and support. 
The thick lining is like wearing a pair of thermal socks inside the boots – Emmy says they are “warm, toast and bouncy” and they are her boots of choice currently.  She has worn then to school most days (and I’ve only forgotten to take her normal shoe shoes with me once), she rides her scooter to school every day so these ensure she has that added support she needs around her ankles as well as her feet. The thick rubber outsole for is great for durability and traction especially when she scoots through the wet leaves and puddles.
She is unable to do up her own laces on her own yet but we are working on that and Emmy has managed to do her thing and rock this look even with a party dress – as you do when you are 4!
They are decorated with a turquoise shoelace and with pink accents to the lace holes.  Available for £49.99
These are made to last and will not only keep her feet toasty but will keep them dry too and see her through the winter. She is actually hoping for snow now to test them out some more, especially the great grip which means she can run around still and she has more traction to the grown… Emmy has tendencies to fall over things including thin air so this is useful.
Wrapping Emmy up in her boots and her new coat which I  picked up for her in TKMaxx and teaming with thick tights or even waterproof trousers she is set for all eventualities.
Harry on the otherhand is coated up and strapped into the buggy for the school run.   This is for safety and speed as well as ease. He is 2 and bolts for roads at any given chance and likes to run in the opposite direction……. He will not be turned loose anytime soon, in fact he may well be in a buggy still at the age of 4 and he is a runner and because I LOVE my Stokke Xplory way too much to part with it any time soon!
Sadly he doesn’t keep on hats or gloves, shredding them as quick as I can lock the front door.  He also doesn’t like blankets.  Luckily for us we use our Xplory blanket which fastens onto the buggy with poppers, however Harry has a tendency to pull this down past his knees then under his feet rendering it pointless or he pulls it up over his head and behind his back – also pointless and he ends up cold.  Recently he has started saying “Ouch, hurt me, Kiss better” and giving me his ice cold hands – why will 2 year old just not listen?
Kiddicare are helping to promote walking to school and wanted to see how they could make our lives easier and our journey better.  They very very kindly sent Harry a Stokke footmuff for his buggy and it is so warm and cosy I want to climb in for a little snooze.  Harry approves too as he happily hops in and lets me zip it up around him, he doesn’t even try to unzip this and he has a huge fascination with zips and just can’t help himself from playing with them.  He has resisted so far so it means he really likes it.
This footmuff has a zippered hood which you can either unzip and lay flat behind the head or zip up to form a hood so the really chilly days.  There are long zips down both legs making it very easy to get Harry in and out again, and while it looks small Harry actually has lots of leg room left so this will last all winter and most like all of next winter too.
This footmuff is different from the usual ones we have tried and features a split leg design, this is due to the chassis of the Xplory and needing to fit around the bar.  It is so warm that I have even needed to remove Harry’s coat to stop him from over heating so will be absolutely perfect for if/when we get snow and the much colder months ahead of us.  This is just one of a range of footmuffs and buggy accessories available from Kiddicare which would help to make the school walk more bearable – you can find more here.
We do enjoy our walk to School, rain or shine you can easily make it fun!
By wrapping up warm and preparing for all weathers we have a great half and hour together in the morning and again in the afternoon for pick up. 
Although it is only a 20 minute walk I leave 30 minutes so we can jump in puddles, feed the ducks, pick up leaves or jump in them.
We play eye-spy, chat about our day and it is a quiet time where if Emmy wants she can talk about her worries.
It helps to keep us fit and wake us up properly at the start of the day (after a long night sometimes it really helps to blow away those cobwebs) and of course it helps to keep us all healthy and active.
Do you walk to school?  If you don’t what stops you from doing so?
Don’t get me wrong – there are days I look out of the window and think I would really like to drive to avoid the downpour, but then I remind myself that everyone else will also be thinking the same and I wouldn’t be able to park so I tighten my boots and zip up my raincoat, pull out the double buggy and off we go!


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