Keeping stress at bay through laughter

Our Easter holidays are almost over now, which is rather sad seeing as some of the children’s friends are just starting theirs.  The holidays have been strange here – schools 10 minutes down the road broke up yesterday for two weeks, my Mum’s school included (she is a school cook), while my children broke up on the Thursday before Easter weekend.
This has meant organising playdates has been a little tricky as this is the week friends have gone away, and now next week when they are home mine will be back in school – of course it’s not as bad as a few I know of who have a couple of children in different schools and they don’t have the same holidays – meaning no holiday at all for them.  It hardly seems fair.
School holidays can be stressful enough as it is so I can’t imagine how they are coping with this.  We all know that laughter helps to brighten our moods but did you know it can also help to relieve stress.
Resent research carried out by intu, owners of the largest and most popular shopping centres across the UK, reveals that of the 2,000 UK parents surveyed only half laugh once a day or less with their children.

Out of those parents surveyed 28% said they find the prospect of keeping their kids entertained stressful, with 69% (7 in 10) of parents with children aged 0-16 years said it was their children who made them laugh the most. 

With 2 weeks off for Easter it provides us with lots of opportunities for laughing with the children, whether that is by face painting with them and allowing them to paint your face too – always a great laugh in our house, watching a funny movie, pushing each other on the swings and having a go yourself or even having a pillow fight.

Children don’t need huge elaborate plans to make them happy, infact its usually the impromptu things which they love the best.  The things which have us in fit of giggles here in our house are:

  • Tickle fights
  • Pillow fights
  • Mummy bouncing on the Trampoline
  • Pretending to fight over who licks the spoon when baking
  • Playing catch
  • Hide and Seek (Harry has to hide in the same place each time or the place I have just hidden in)
  • Races (I pretend to lose but actually it’s hard to catch them now they are so fast)
  • Bubbles
  • Writing funny notes on the bathroom mirror when it’s steamed up
  • Bundling Daddy to wake him up in the morning
  • Stealing the last chocolate biscuit and putting the packet back for Daddy (a favourite for the children)
As you can see, it is the simplest things which can often bring about the greatest pleasures – and a HUGE bonus is they are FREE!

With this laughter in mind intu have partnered up with Nickelodeon UK & Ireland, to host a series of FREE ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Laughter Parties’ in their shopping centres over the Easter break.
Visitors to Intu shopping centre will be able to dive into the SpongeBob SquarePants’ world of Bikini Bottom to join the ultimate sea bed laughter party, packed with interactive fun and games including the Giggle Groove silent disco, Snail Slalom, Laughter Limbo and much more!  These activities are free, with no booking required and are open to all ages although particularly suitable for children in pre-school and early years.
To find your nearest intu centre and for further details please visit the website:

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2 thoughts on “Keeping stress at bay through laughter

  1. Laughter is always good! All of the schools here have pretty much had the same holidays so it's been easy to meet up with friends. Back to school runs on Monday though lol. Enjoy the rest of the time off with the kids.

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