Keepsake Octopus with Red Ted Art

We had a very exciting delivery this morning, I had pre-ordered a crafting book from Amazon written by Maggy Woodley, a lovely lady I have had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger who has the most amazing site showcasing her kids crafts over at Red Ted Art in easy to follow guides.

The wait was over and our delivery arrived this morning and even though Emmy is very poorly we both sat and leafed through excitedly and chose a simple craft for this morning.  Emmy shares my love of making thing and always wants to paint, draw, create and asks to “root around in Mummy’s box of tricks” – a large wicker hamper containing all those special crafting essentials I’ve collected over the years.

We chose to create an Octopus, a simple easy to make cuddly keepsake using old tights.  Handily I had just sorted out Emmy’s old socks and tights so knew I had plenty.

Using Maggy’s easy to follow instructions we now have a wonderful Octopus which Emmy is now cuddling in bed.

What you need:
4 pairs of tight (best to use age 1-2)
Toy stuffing (now I didn’t have any of this so cut open an old pillow and used the filling from that)
Needle and thread
Felt Scraps

  • We half filled the legs of each pair of tights with the stuffing, giggling the stuffing around to make it neat and tidy.
  • Cut a small hole in the crotch area of the pair of tight we wanted to use as the head colour – we chose the white patterned ones as these were the only ones with an overall colour.  We then pushed the legs up through this hole.
  • We pushed all the other legs through this hole arranging our legs into alternate colours.
  • Stuffing the body of the other tights into the head area (white tights) helps to give its shape, we then added extra stuffing and sewed the top of the tights up making a lovely Octopus head.
  • I cut out some felt eyes and sewed onto our Octopus and he was finished.

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination however Emmy and I had fun, it was VERY easy to do and helped to entertain my poorly girl.

Maggy’s book “Red Ted Art” is available to buy from Amazon for £15.99 and is packed with simple and easy to make crafts.  I can highly recommend, and will be making many more things as soon as I can.  If your quick it’s currently on offer for £10.23!

Disclosure: I am telling you about this book basically because I want to! I bought my own copy and love it, Maggy has not asked me to write about it however when something is good why not shout from the rooftops and let others know!

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