Keepsakes, treasures and heirlooms


Growing up I would love to spend time riffling through my Mum’s jewellery box with her.  It wasn’t something I was allowed to do alone due to the fact I would have possibly lost or broken some of the items, not that all of them were valuable just delicate but it was something I really loved doing together.

Mum had loads of jewellery from rings, to bracelets and necklaces – some were new and others older vintage jewellery items.

I would love trying these on with her, helping her to choose which to wear – even if she did change them when I left the room, I would pretend to dress up for a party wearing sparkly necklaces and bracelets and would even be allowed to play dressing up in Mum’s clothes and high heels.

This is now something Emmy loves to do with me, something we can now do together without Harry around.

Emmy loves dressing up and she has recently discovered my wedding dress, wedding shoes and tiara – this is her favourite thing to try on and I really do have to grab a picture of her wearing those.

Of course the dress is far too big for her and I am currently torn over whether to have this make into a dress she can wear, turned into a keepsake teddy using the material or whether to box up and give to her when she is older in case she would like to wear it for her wedding? It’s a rather difficult decision to make – my dress cost my Mum £600 almost 10 years ago and I still love it but of course wont be wearing it again.

It seems a waste to have it sitting in the wardrobe but Emmy may love it one day so I definitely wont be selling it.

Whatever I decide to do with it, it will be passed down to her in some form or another.

When Paul and I were dating I used to love wandering the Jewellery stores in Hatton Garden, looking in the windows and trying on the antique engagement rings – just a word of warning, there is nothing scarier to a man when he is dating than his girlfriend trying on very expensive rings just for fun!
I was lucky in that I didn’t scare him off, and after 5 years of dating he did pop the question and I absolutely love my engagement ring which was purchased in Hatton Garden.

Emmy keeps asking me if she can have this ring, and of course the answer is NO, but of course will be passed down to her when I am no longer here along with the heirlooms I was passed down from my both of my Nan’s.


The day before my wedding my parents gave me ‘something old’ – My Nan’s engagement ring, I wore this on my right hand on my wedding day and although it no longer fits me it is one of my most treasured possessions along with a powder case left to me by my other Nan in her will and given to me on my 18th birthday.  This is a beautiful gold music box with a section for adding loose powder.  It has never been used and comes in a beautiful soft velvet case and kept safely in a presentation box.

I also have a charm bracelet which my parents gave me, they started to make it up when I was born and added a charm every year until my 18th birthday

These are my most treasured possessions and ones which will be passed down to Emmy when she is 18 years old.

Do yo have heirlooms and keepsakes you will be passing down to your children? I’d love to know what they are.

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