Kekilou Surprise – New collectible dolls with hidden make-up surprises + Giveaway

Kekilou Surprise is the newest line of collectables from Flair – now my kids love anything collectable at the moment, the more to the collection the better in their eyes. I knew Emmy would love these as not only do they contain a surprise doll but each has a hidden make-up item too.

Emmy was very excited to discover a huge selection of Kekilou goodies to review, we were also sent a lovely pampering bundle including chocolate (I’ve very kindly eaten this as she’s banned from sweets and chocolate currently due to needing a filling after her dentist visit this week, always the thoughtful parent) and nail polishes so we can have our own pamper party – I’m saving these for half term as she’s not allowed polish for school.

So what are Kekilou Collectibles?

These are very cute miniature suitcases which open up to reveal a hidden doll – well to be more exact, a hidden head and feet, the body of the doll is the suitcase itself.

The head unfolds upwards and the feet unfold downwards, you then fold in the suitcase handle and close up the case to reveal your doll. These are all plastic except for the hair detailing and each different case contains a different doll.

Hidden Make-Up

To reveal the make-up its best to fold the doll away again – unhinge the case, fold down the head, those with long hair can be tricky to pack away again so try to tuck the hair in first before folding the head back into the case. Tuck the legs back in place and then unfold out the suitcase handle before closing it all up again. Slide up the front of the suitcase to reveal your hidden make-up – each doll comes with an eyeshadow, body glitter or lip gloss.

Sets available

The Kekilou surprise dolls come in a range of sizes, so there is something for all budgets – from single dolls, double packs which contain 2 suitcase dolls and a mini hairbrush.

There are also mini vanity playsets available which contain a suitcase doll and a light-up vanity mirror and the biggest set available is the party bag playset. All sets are available from Amazon and other retailers.

K-Cutie single packs

In this collectable collection, there are 12 different K-Cuties available. Each of these is a different coloured case and inside you’ll find a hidden doll with different coloured hair.

These are priced at £4.99 – as with all bling bag toys you’ll find a collectors leaflet inside so you can see which you have opened, mark off those still need to collect etc.

The dolls all have names – Chloe, Kelly, Birky and Tess all come with a lip gloss, Gwen, Rochelle, Jewel and Pearl come with body glitter and Kylie, Nicole, Joyce and Kate come with an eyeshadow hidden in their cases.

K-Cutie double packs

As the name suggests, these are double packs of Kekilou surprise dolls, but these contain different dolls selections – there are 6 of these double packs to collect.  The double packs will contain 1 of the dolls available to collect in the single packs and a new doll (this means in total there are 18 different dolls in the collection with only 6 of them available to purchase in the double sets – and an additional 5 dolls are available in the playsets only).

These cost £8.99  and the new dolls are: Alyssa and Savannah who come with eyeshadow, Mya and Dixie who come with body glitter and Britney and Daisy come with lip gloss.

Kekilou Mini Vanity Playsets

There are 4 of these mini playsets to collect, each containing an exclusive mini bag and beauty case/vanity mirror.

The 4 dolls in this set (one contained in each mini vanity set) are only available in these sets. Each comes with its own compact containing an illuminated mirror.

Open up your surprise doll and place onto the bottom of the mirror to make it light up. Each doll comes with a hidden body glitter in her case and the vanity mirror has two drawers, one on each side. Inside the drawers, you’ll find makeup brushes, a lip gloss and an eyeshadow.

These sets cost £14.99

Kelilou Party Bag Playset

This is an oversized suitcase designed playset, opening up the case reveals a beauty salon and a party area along with a single mini doll.

It comes complete with stickers to decorate your case and party scenes which slot into the side of the playset to create a backdrop to your playset, when not in use these can be stored in the side of the closed playset.

In the set, you will find a fridge complete with an ice bucket and a bottle of bubbly, plus a glass so your dolls can enjoy during their disco – in the party area you can make your dolls dance by placing them into the footholds and moving the handle/desk area.

The salon contains a sink and a makeup/hair trolley along with straighteners and makeup brushes. The doll in this set also has colour changing hair which changes in warm water.

There is also a shelving area to store a few of the cases.

This playset costs £24.99

What Emmy thought

I really like these, they are fun and a little bit different. The colours are bright and I like that all the dolls are different from each other.

I would like more hair to play with and it is hard to get the dolls hair back into the body so Mummy has to help me.

The makeup is fun and I can sneak it into school in my bag and my teachers don’t know.

My thoughts

Well for a start, she certainly won’t be sneaking that into school or there will be trouble!

It would be nice to see the addition of a mini makeup brush into the individual dolls cases, a small one which fits into the closed case – this would make putting on the eyeshadow a little easier for the kids.

The dolls on their own are very cute and not a bad price for what you are getting.

My favourite sets are the mini vanity sets – cute and functional at the same time. I can see these being popular as birthday presents to give to Emmy’s friends come party/birthday time.

The makeup although looks bright really isn’t and most of it appears sheer on the skin and wipes of easily with no scrubbing necessary – which is rather handy as the kids decided to give me a makeover using these.

Both kids and I have had makeovers now and Harry loves these toys just as much as Emmy does.

Win a Kekilou Party Bag Playset

For your chance to win a Kekilou Party Bag Playset worth £24.99 please enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will close at midnight on 21st October 2018 and is open to UK entrants only. Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We received these toys for the purpose of this post, as always all thoughts and opinions are our own. Post contains affiliate links.

116 thoughts on “Kekilou Surprise – New collectible dolls with hidden make-up surprises + Giveaway

  1. My lovely funshine carebear I loved him and took him everywhere with me , he now sits on my bed tatty and worn still has a glue patch on him from when he come to school with me faded and not so bright but loved just as much today

  2. I loved my cabbage patch kid and dressing it up in different clothes! Also liked my fashion wheel and collecting trolls.

  3. My Webby (from Ducktales) doll. It was a Christmas gift that I understand was difficult to find, and I still have it over 30 years later.

  4. I used to collect Gonks. They were just toilet roll tubes with fleece wrapped around them and had a cardboard face to look like animals. I had 35 of them all different colours and loved them. That was in the 1970’s. When kids were kids and NO gadgets.

  5. i had a big yellow tpot when i was little! was the best toy ever! im gutted my mom didnt save it for my little girl!! 🙁

  6. My Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle. I will never forget it, as I seem to be the only one of my friends who had it, so felt very special

  7. I used to love playing with Gem doll. I remember getting an audio speaker which could be connected to a stage her and her friends would sing from and join in. I loved that and my Big Yellow Teapot dolls house. Hours of fun. Brings back memories. My daughter would love this for Christmas. Thanks for the chance x

  8. A little red metal tractor, I loved it. I used to play with my farm animals and use the tractor to drive around in the fields haha super!

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