Keyless Digital Lock by Yale – Review

Have I mentioned before that I live just down the road from my in-laws?  It is lovely, we often just pop in unannounced to visit Nanny and Grandad.  What isn’t so much fun is the calls of “I’ve forgotten my keys can you come over and let me in?”

OK, I admit it doesn’t happen all that often but always at times when Paul and I are out or at a busy time of day in this house (lunch time, bath time) and we will then go out to the rescue or wait in for them to come and get our key.

We have all done it right? Pulled the door shut only to then remember our keys are on the otherside!  I did it on my wedding day, I left the house all ready to get to the church, locked the door then posted the key through the letterbox (I wasn’t returning so didn’t need my key), got into the wedding car only to then realise I hadn’t picked up my bouquet – I had to wait until one of my wedding party came to let me back in with a back up key – of course I could have left the bouquet there and got to the church on time but that’s no fun, I had intended to be late from the off however I really didn’t mean to be 45 minutes late.

When I was asked if I would like to try the latest in digital security locks from Yale, a keyless lock I jumped at the chance, even though I knew it wouldn’t fit on my front door as its uPVC I knew exactly where this should go – my in-laws front door.

Yale keyless digital lock

This lock is a Keyless digital lock with nightlatch and costs £129, there is an option to have it fitted professionally or to DIY.  It fits to any standard wooden door and my father-in-law had a friend fit it for him.  Apparently it is rather easy to do yourself and has full instructions on how this should be done. (if you choose to pay to have this installed – you choose that option when buying online and the price is £199).

This has been in use at my in-laws house for a few weeks now and everyone loves it.  No more searching around in bags for house keys, no more phone calls saying “I’ve forgotten my keys” and no worrying about lost keys on a night out (that applies to my brother-in-law).

This lock has had many comments from visitors who have vowed that they now NEED one for their houses and is great for Paul and I as we no longer have to worry about just popping in and remembering to take our other bunch of keys with Paul’s parents house key on it.

How does it work?
Instead of using a key to open the door you use a PIN code.  There is the option to have 2 codes on this, an everyday code which family members all have and a temporary one which you can use for visitors.  The temporary code can then be deleted so that no-one can gain unauthorised access to your home.

The PIN code can be anything from 4-12 digits long so as easy or as complicated as you make it.  It is insurance approved and I’m reliably informed a lot easier to use than a key when your drunk! To quote my brother-in-law “It’s the nuts, no key fumbling when I’ve had too many”.

It is very easy to use and looks good too, the only thing which was found when fitting this lock was the small turn handle wasn’t big enough for my in-laws to use as a grab handle to open and close the door so they added handles to the door as well.

Yale keyless digital lock

If you would like further information on this or other digital locks, you are able to buy Yale locks from their website. 

Paul is still sulking that this won’t fit on our door.

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