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This could be lethal for my bank balance as Kiddicare have opened a store just 25 minutes from my house.  I have been dying to visit Peterborough where Kiddicare had it’s only store – however as it’s quite a journey for me I hadn’t gotten around to it but they have now opened another 3 stores (Nottingham, Merry Hill and Thurrock) so I had no reason not to go.

I’ve written for the Kiddicare Blog for some time now and really love the store and website – what’s not to love – it’s EVERYTHING you could need for babies, toddlers, children and parents under one roof/site, so was very excited when I was invited along with fellow Bloggers to an open day this week, it happened to be on the 21st December, my birthday, and what a perfect was to spend a birthday.

Kiddicare Lakeside Thurrock, kiddicare superstore,

Lakeside Thurrock store has now taken over the Peterborough as the largest Kiddicare store and I have to say it is HUGE and really does have every thing you could possibly need for your family needs from pregnancy to childhood.

Emmy in the play area

Upon arrival I met up with fellow bloggers Leta – Attachment Mummy, Liz – Hart of the Munchkin Patch, Sammie – One Blue, One Pink and Lucy – Dear Beautiful Boy.  (I apologise to the others I didn’t get a chance to meet). It was lovely to meet up with Leta and Liz who I already know and lovely meeting Sammie and Lucy for the first time.  We had a cuppa while the kids played in the play area and did what Mums/Bloggers/Women do best and had a chat before separating into two groups, one for a Jo Jingles session and the other a store tour.

We headed off for a Jo Jingles session and Emmy had a wonderful time dancing around with Lily-Sue, playing with the instruments and generally being very cute.

Emmy & Lily-Sue

This took place in the events room where the is a whole host of activities while will take place in this room over the weeks  – there is a timetable and events will be put on for children to enjoy such as Jo Jingles and Baby Massage, the room can also be hired for parties – this currently will be free of charge until all of the new Kiddicare stores (11 in total) are opened.

After we all had lunch together and the children played again in the play area – this is great as it is a walled area where the children can play and you can watch while enjoying a cuppa or while having lunch – the wall is just over waist height for an adult so high enough for them to be contained but not feel enclosed.

We then went on the store tour.  They have made everything parent and child friendly from the fitting rooms with an adult door and a child sized door to the toilets with an adult sized loo and a child loo in one cubicle, I’m not sure if it’s sad for a grown women to be so excited by these touches or not but I really was impressed.  Even the nappy changing area had been made communal so that Mums and Dads can do nappy changes.

Emmy enjoyed pushing around a child’s sized trolley while we looked around and I was able to shop too by putting things into her trolley.  They have every brand of car seat available with a great service where you type in your name and mobile number and you are text when an assistant is free to help you leaving you free to continue shopping.
My favourite part of the store has to be the buggy section – every buggy and stroller make and model under one roof (except Bugaboo & iCandy) and they even have a race track so you can grab a buggy and try it out.

In the toys area the children are encouraged to try before you buy so a whole array of toys are available to play with – moving the children away from here was rather hard but they had a great day.  It’s easy for parents to shop as the children have been catered for in nearly every area including a child’s cinema area in the VIB (very important baby) area, this is where you can made a baby shopping list with the help of the fully trained staff who are trained on every aspect of the stores goods from car seats to buggy’s and cots to beds.

Paul was most taken with the electronic price tags which not only show the price but the stock levels too – prices are checked and price matched daily and with these tags they can be updated via head office instantly throughout all store effortlessly.

I really enjoyed our day out and already have plans to return for a playdate with Liz and her lovely kiddies in the new year – the girls can play and we can lunch and shop too – perfect!

We would like to say thank you to Jennie for a great day and of course for the birthday cake too.

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