Kiddy Evolution Pro Car Seat – Review

Kiddy are a brand I have previously spoken about before when we reviewed a car seat for Emmy – the Guardian Pro 2, Emmy still loves this car seat and is now using as a high backed booster seat which will last her until the age of 11/12.

Now it is Harry’s turn to try out the brand new Evolution Pro, a baby car seat with a lie-flat function.

I actually saw these up close and personal at the Baby & Toddler show at Blue Water when I already knew Harry was about to test one out and I was very impressed.  I was treated to a lovely demonstration on all of the functions and was very taken with it.  Not your usual boring style car seat this actually come in a huge array of colours.

Kiddy Evolution Pro Seat colours,
Picture courtesy of Kiddy

The colour choices available are: (Top row) Walnut, Lavender, Racing Black, Cranberry, Zebra (Bottom row) Stone, Jaffa, Midnight & Hawaii.

The choice is so vast that it took me a few hours to decide which I wanted for Harry.  I would have loved the Lavender however I didn’t think Paul would approve, I loved the Zebra and Hawaii however was worried that a few of Harry’s outfits may clash (yes I’m that kind of person) and I was keen or it to match the new Click n Move3 buggy we are also testing (more about that later) so finally opted for the Walnut colour.

What’s in the box:
Car Seat
Head hugger
Integrated sun hood
Padded shoulder straps and crotch pad

The first thing you will notice about this seat unit is the rounded base – this is a special design feature meaning that the seat can be rocked back and forth when on the ground as a rocker, enabling you to rock baby to sleep when not in the car.  This feature has come in really handy when I’ve taken Harry out of the car and he has started to wake up, I can pop him down and rock him back to sleep.

What’s different about this seat?
The new lie-flat function.

It is advised not to keep children in care seats for prolonged periods at a time as it isn’t good for their spines, however both of my children have always been the same – the car motion sends them to sleep and I refuse to wake a sleeping baby.

With the Evolution Pro that problem has been solved as when the seat is removed from the car and brought inside or popped onto the Click n Move3, you pressed in the grey buttons to move the handle backwards and as the handle flips back the seat unit moves forwards into a reclined position making baby move comfortable and taking the pressure off of their young spines.

This car seat can be used up until around 15 months old and I fully intend to use for as long as I can.  Harry has plenty of head room left and will definitely not have outgrown this at 9 months old.  It’s safer to keep babies rear facing for as long as possible which I intent to do.  Babies are fine in these types of seats until their heads over shoot the top of the seat.  As you can see from the pictures Harry has loads of head room left.

The padded shoulder pads are longer than on most car seats meaning that Harry is really comfy and the straps fully adjust to allow for growth or padded clothing.

To fit this in the car you use with the handle in the up position, face backwards as with any first size car seat, pull the seatbelt across the babies legs to plug into the clip popping the seatbelt through the gaps on either side of the seat unit and then the rest of the seat belt is pulled behind the seat unit and tucked into the back flap section securely in place.

When the handle is in the down relined position the seat belt guide holes disappear so you couldn’t use in this position in the car.

Additional extras are coming soon which can be used along with this car seat – a parasol which can be slotted straight into a slot in the car seat and a rain/mosquito cover, you are also able to buy another insert for this seat – a newborn insert meaning even premature babies will be comfortable in this seat.

The sun canopy is great for keeping the sun off of Harry’s head when in the car or when used on the buggy, when not in use this is easily ticked into the back of the seat unit.

Harry is very comfy in this seat and 9 times out of 10 now he will go to sleep in it – always a winner in my books!

This car seat retails at £150

Kiddy Evolution Pro, in use,, evolution pro walnut

You can find out more about this and other Kiddy products on their website: and can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: We have been sent this product for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own

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