Kids’ Gifts that Last Longer than You Think

When it comes to buying gifts for the kids, it can be a very stressful process indeed.

Not only is there the constant worry that the toy will soon be outdated and of no interest to them anymore but that they’ll also outgrow them too quickly.

So how do you make sure your money’s not wasted each birthday and Christmas?

Here are some ideas I feel as though my kids treasure for longer than other ‘faddy’ items:

1. Building and Construction Toys

Granted, they might go through phases with these toys but, more often than not, they will keep coming back to these favourites.

From Lego to magnetic building blocks, these types of toys are an all-time favourite and one that’ll hang around for many years to come (perhaps even getting passed onto the grandchildren, too). They’re also great for developing your child’s motor skills while also encouraging them to be as creative as possible.

2. Ride-On Toys

Getting your child to embrace the great outdoors can be difficult (especially when there are so many exciting toys and video games to play with inside) but I find scooters, bikes and other ride-on toys are perfect for encouraging them to play outdoors. What’s more, these toys remain a firm staple in their toy collection for many, many years.

For example, a number of kids’ scooters are made so they adapt to your children as they grow. These modular designs transform to accommodate growth spurts so you aren’t having to find a new scooter with every new height. What’s more, a lot of the parts that come with these types of ride-on toys are replaceable, so they should last a very long time.

3. Board Games

No family home is complete without a board game or two. And they provide you with a fantastic way to bond with your children – away from chores and TV screens. Board games can also teach your child new skills and play a crucial role in showing them how they need to take turns and learn to lose gracefully (you’ll also need to be a good role model here!).

From simple board games that are perfect for little ones to more advanced games that are loved by older children, teenagers and adults alike, these are gifts that last a long time. In fact, you may even have some of your old family favourites stored away already.

Don’t be afraid to dig out those board games you used to love as a child – chances are, your children will love them too. After all, nothing beats a competitive game of Monopoly or Cluedo!

And the best bit?

None of these long-standing toys involve looking at any form of screen – and if that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.


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