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We have recently made over the kids bedrooms and were in the process of transforming a section of our front room into a play area for the children.
We don’t have a separate room to call a playroom however we are very lucky to have a large front-room, half of it we have turned over to the children for their toys.  I wanted to make this space as welcoming to them as possible as it is where they spend the majority of their time. 
One section of this room had been completed recently with the aid of soft matting, positioning of furniture and wall stickers – I managed to create a little home corner for them which they love.
The other side of this room was looking a little unloved though – a dumping ground for toys, with no order to it.
Playarea before – a toy dumping ground
Via the Tots100, Dulux asked if we would be interested in trying out their Bedroom in a Box kit, now thinking outside the box I asked if I could use for the playarea to surprise the children.  This was just the excuse I was looking for to reorder this messy chaos!

Now decorating is one thing however I still needed to sort those messy toys out.  Toy storage was needed so I popped to Ikea and to Argos to aid in the makeover.  Then set Paul to work making up these units.

Firstly though we needed to move our unit with held all our ornaments in (hidden at the back of that toy pile). 

Fast forward an hour and that had been moved – much to Paul’s dislike as it meant rearranging another part of the frontroom to house it – I don’t do things by halves that’s for sure.

Bedroom in a Box kit

 We chose the Sealife Bedroom in a box kit.  These kits include:

  • Mural
  • Wallpaper paste
  • A 750ml Tin of Quick dry Satinwood finish white paint for wood/metal
  • A 2.5L Tin of Mineral Mist paint for walls and ceilings

This is enough to decorate an average sized bedroom.

I personally think it would have been nice to have a small paint brush included inside the box so you are able to at least make a start painting the skirting boards etc. straight away if you didn’t happen to have a paint brush (lets face it, not everyone does).  It would also be nice to see a list of required equipment listed on the side of the box so you could buy these at the same time.

New storage units

I chose a large storage trunk in Ikea and a small unfinished storage bench from Argos.  These combined hide away all the toys nicely making the room look tidy again.  Using the paint from the kit I painted the storage bench white.  This paint says it will be touch dry after 30 minute – I left it for a few hours just to be sure.  Painting this was an easy job, the paint is a nice consistency and even I managed to get an even coat.
It took two coats to cover completely and looked much better once it was finished.  Once dry a few days later I painted the from Blue and the back panel.  This was so it blended in with the Ikea unit.  The paint isn’t as dark as the Ikea unit however I really like it and eventually this my go into Harry’s bedroom.  I really like this colour Blue – infact it is the exact same colour I chose for Harry’s bedroom before he was born.
The next part was the harder part – hanging the mural.  It comes in 12 sheets which are stacked up on top of each other in order of how you need to hang them.  You hang them in a row – 6 at the top and 6 at the bottom.  (They aren’t numbered sadly so if you need to hang in a different order as we did then it can get a little confusing – it’s like creating a puzzle on the wall).
We roped in our best friend to help hang this mural – he is a painter and decorator and the plan was for him to help Paul, it actually turned out easier for him to do for us. 
You need to cover the back of each panel with paste and let soak in for a few minutes before hanging on the wall.  You are supposed to start with panel 1 however we were hanging this around a corner so started with panel 3 so it was easier to line up with the wall.
The tricky part with these panels is once the first is on the wall and smoothed down and you then need to lift up an edge back up as each panel is under and over lapped so the pattern matches up.  Watching our friend he made it look easy completing the job in around an hour – which included cutting around the window frame, cutting the bottom to size and cutting around the plug socket.
Here is a video showing the hanging process and most importantly the children’s reaction to their new room.
Both Emmy and Harry absolutely love their new play area.  We all spend so much time here and the new storage means it can actually stay tidy too.  The bedroom in a box kit has completely changed their play area for the better.
I was slightly worried about what I had decided to do, especially considering that this is my front room after all, but we love it as does everyone who has seen this.  It’s a bold statement however the large room means it doesn’t look too overpowering.
This this a great way to transform a room very quickly.

“We were provided with a Bedroom in a Box for the purposes of this review by Dulux and Tots100. You can find out more about the Bedroom in a Box range on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.” 

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10 thoughts on “Kids Playarea Makeover #Asifbymagic

  1. I keep seeing these bedroom in a box posts and every time I do, I want to go and get one for Kaycee and Ella's room. Ella would love the princess one but Kaycee wouldn't as she's getting older now and I don't think Ella would want the sea one either so I think I'll wait a while and see if they start doing other designs 🙂

  2. What a transformation! We are (fingers crossed) having a loft conversion soon which will mean the kids all get their own rooms so I'll definitely be looking into the Bedroom in a Box!

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