Kindness – Will you ‘Pay it forward?’

We take far too much for granted in our daily lives.

A post I read on You Baby, Me Mummy has inspired me to do a little more.  We all love a little random act of kindness don’t we?

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Do you do any random acts of kindness just because? For no reason?

  • I take in my neighbours bins when he is away
  • We take cakes and biscuits to our neighbours when we’ve been baking
  • Within my row of 4 houses we all take in each others parcels
  • If I mow my front lawn I also do my neighbours (I used to do this when the elderly man had had a fall and couldn’t do it any more, he has since past away however I still do it for his son)

These are just things I do, I do them for no thanks or payment.  It’s just nice to do.

However is it enough?

I am joining in with Aby and Paying it Forward!

The idea is that the first 5 people to comment on this post saying ‘I’m in’ will each receive a small gift from me at some point in 2014.  There is a condition though – you also need to pay it forward!

By paying it forward – you can do it in 2 ways – either on your blog if you have one, or by a Facebook status – you will then need to send 5 gifts throughout 2014.

Together lets help to spread some happiness.

I will not tell you when I will send these gifts, you’ll not know they are coming until they arrive.

So, if you would like to help spread some random acts of kindness them please comment below to let me know (and leave a way of contacting you – email, fb, twitter, carrier pigeon – ok that maybe impossible but you get the idea!)

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37 thoughts on “Kindness – Will you ‘Pay it forward?’

  1. doing those small good deeds do make you feel super don't they and being kind is free, so no reason not to do it! Very generous of you. x

  2. I signed up to do this on FB a couple of months ago and it's so much fun finding little things to send to people! – warm fuzzy feeling inside!

  3. This is a lovely idea. I like doing little things for other people, it makes you feel so much better about things.

  4. I love this and have signed up already to do it on Facebook. Now I just need to think of gifts….I love that you mow your neighbour's lawn and that you share your baking goodies with them too, as I am home a lot I am the chief parcel receiver in our road!

    1. Completely understand. ..They are blooming expensive when they arrive…not necessarily the things they need it's more the things we want them to have

  5. I recently did this on my Facebook status and have 5 people to send gifts to this year – I also did it last year and sent cakes to everyone from an online site. It's lovely to make others smile xx

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