Labelling the uniform with Stamptastic

I have to admit, I am one of the least organised people I know.  It actually only occurred to me tonight that with this horrid weather we have been having that Emmy may need to go back to School in a Winter uniform – now I do know her old Winter one doesn’t fit, cue mad panic as the only days I have the car this week are the ones where I will be out all day at pre-arranged days out so I wouldn’t have time to visit the shops.  Thank goodness for internet shopping and of course next day delivery and of course credit cards.  Phew, panic over (well as long as it fits that is!)
Is anyone else finding the Summer has disappeared and they actually aren’t ready for the back to School rush?
Thankfully though labelling her uniform when it arrives will be very quick, easy and almost effortless as before the Summer I was asked to become a Stamptastic Ambassador.
This wasn’t something I had used before, but once I had is something I had known about sooner, it has saved so much time for me and stopped the dread which sets in each term when the children have new School uniform, coats or in Harry’s case – all his clothes as they all need labelling for Pre-School. 
Stamptastic is a very fast way of labelling belongings and isn’t limited to just clothes either – it is a personalised stamp block which used in conjunction with the special ink pad can be used to name fabric, wood, metal and some plastics.
The stamp itself is clear so you can easily see through when positioning onto your items, this makes it easy to see if you have placed it in the position you would like and to see the name will be clearly visible.
You can chose any name (provided it fits onto the block – you can preview this on the website before ordering).  You are also able to  chose between a number of font styles and font sizes, and add a picture to your stamp too.
I have 2 of these stamps – one with a Car on and Harry’s name and the other with a Butterfly and Emmy’s name (Emily obviously as it’s for School).  These stamps are a standard size and cost £10 each.
You then purchase a stamp block separately which costs £12.  This is a special ink which one used with the stamp onto fabric can be washed over and over again and won’t come off or fade for around 50 washes.
I actually used ours before the summer with all of Harry’s pre-school jumpers and hoodies, these have been washed frequently and the labelling has not faded in the slightest.  Emmy’s old school uniform was named using this too and also hasn’t faded through washing.
These really are easy to use and I have even used as walking out of the door after realising the sunhat or jumper the kids have switched to at the last minute isn’t named – a big NO NO for school as we would never see it again.
Now when Emmy’s new uniform arrives this week, I know that I can quickly name effortlessly without the faff of sewing or ironing on labels.
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Disclaimer:  We received our products as part of our Ambassadors role.  All thoughts are our own and unbiased.


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21 thoughts on “Labelling the uniform with Stamptastic

  1. Ahh it's nice to see a review of Stamptastic as I've just ordered one. Hoping it arrives before POD starts school next week! We have some labels too but the iron on things seem like such a faff. Think we'll have about three options now, Stamptastic definitely seems easiest!

  2. I love the look of these and always forget until days before the kids go back to school! Going to have to see if i can get one delivered in time for school next thursday (nothing like last minute)

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