Labels, Labels & more labels – It’s that time of year again! – Review

It’s here! Love it or hate it the start of another school year is upon us.

This means only one thing… uniform’s need to be labelled by next week!!

I’m sure your school (well your child’s school) requires everything to be labelled, from socks to coats, bags to shoes.

This will be Emmy’s 1st year at Nursery and that means the 1st time a uniform is required but it also means the dreaded labelling job. 

As a former Nanny it was always my job to label the kids school uniforms and the children I looked after in the past 2 Nanny jobs all went to Private school – this meant lots of uniform to label – I hated it as the school required it to be sewn into the clothing, after years and years of doing this I vowed I would NEVER sew in a name label to my kids clothes and I would find pretty and eye catching labels and use as often and for as long as possible.  I’ve kept my promise to myself.

TinyMe asked me if I was interested in reviewing their labels pack and I had to say yes as they are adorable.

We had the choice of any design from the variety basic pack.  

This pack includes:

  • 32 Standard Vinyl Name Labels
  • 14 Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 4 Large Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 8 Large Vinyl Name Labels
  • 16 Iron-on Clothing Labels
  • 14 Iron-on Round Clothing Labels
  • 10 Clear shoe dot overlays
  • To personalise you labels you first choose your design – there are a whopping 69 different designs to choose from so you WILL find something to suit.

    You then have different colour choice you can choose from – with this amount of options available it’s rather unlikely that you will have someone in your child’s class with the same labels – but just incase….you then personalise then with a name of your choice.

    I let Emmy choose her options as they are her labels and she hates things being labelled and pulls them off.

    She opted for Girl Monkeys in a dark pink colour:

    Tinyme Name Labels

    When it comes to adding the name you can also choose the font style and it shows you a preview of what the stickers will look like when finished – just to ensure you are happy before ordering:

    Name Labels, Tinyme, Tinyme name labels

    This variety pack of labels costs £29.31 however is on offer for £24.99

    I have now labelled all of Emmy’s school uniform, her lunch bag, drinks bottle, school bag, shoes and coats and can confirm that these do stay attached to the plastic pots and drinks bottles when they are washed and when they go through the dishwasher.  I’ve also washed a few of the t-shirts on a trial to see if the iron-on labels stay attached and so far they have – even the shoe labels are still in place.

    These are far easier than sewing in name labels and look cute too – we really like them and Emmy must do too as she hasn’t tried to pulled them off (yet!).

    Tinyme name labels, name labels

    These are many choices of labels and packs available from

    Disclaimer:  We were sent these for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own unbiased

    2 thoughts on “Labels, Labels & more labels – It’s that time of year again! – Review

    1. Labels not only secure the items but also make them unique and elegant with beautiful colors, icons and designs. Your child will like these labels very much and take care of their items with more care. This will also enhance the feeling of responsibility in your kids mind toward their things.

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