A last minute Christmas boost with Swagbucks – 4x cash back

You have heard me mention Swagbucks on many occasions now and I know from my referrals that I have inspired a lot of you to try for yourself, and the feed back you’ve been giving me is amazing – many of you have started earning vouchers for yourselves now and have seen how quickly they can be gained for doing just a little every day.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it I will explain:

It is the Number 1 rated site to make money online by MSE and Savethestudent. A Global loyalty programme which allows users to earn points called Swagbucks (SB) by watching videos on mobile apps and online, answering survey’s and discovering offers and deals. It has already given out $350M in rewards worldwide.

How do I use Swagbucks?

I joined late in September this year, reintroduced by a friend (I had originally signed up but didn’t have the time to look into how it actually worked).  I now spend around 20 minutes a day depending on how much time I have making sure I hit my daily goals. If I have longer I will then turn to surveys for additional SB.
Daily goals are set by Swagbucks and by hitting that goal daily you are guaranteed additional bonuses the following month.  Your daily goal will be found at the top of your dash board, you meet the first daily goal only to receive the bonus points (of course if you hit the second too you’ll receive more bonuses). By hitting target 7 days in a week as well as the shown bonuses you will get 25SB, meet target 14 days in a row for 100SB, 21 days = 200SB and 31 days 300SB.
By downloading the mobile apps you are guaranteed 60SB a day from watching videos on those and occasionally you can gain a few extra bonus SB too.
I also use it to gain cash back from my shopping. There are loads of partnered stores so I can get my Asda shopping delivered and get the cash back in SB, I’ve sent flowers to friends and gained SB at the same time and Christmas shopping has always been done online for me so Argos has earned me extra SB, as has Boots and many other retailers. Just use the search bar for Swagbucks and any partnered stores will be displayed at the top of the menu along with how many SB per £1 you will get.
Since the end of September I have earned £280 in vouchers (that is £230 in Amazon vouchers and £50 MasterCard).
November was my best month with £170 of that amount being earned then, and so for I have gained £65 in December.
This has helped massively with Christmas this year with most gifts being ordered from Amazon and already wrapped and under the tree.
Swagbucks apps

My tips for making the most of Swagbucks:

  • Meet your daily targets – you will be glad of the extra bonuses the following month
  • Join the Swagbucks UK community on Facebook – here you can ask questions, find Swagcodes and more
  • Join in with Swago boards which are usually monthly and gain you extra SB
  • Sign up for email announcements of the offers and special promos
  • Join in with the games – keep checking FB and your emails and you’ll be notified of these – there are teams so you compete against the other teams to gain extra SB
  • Refer friends and family – help them to earn and you will earn too

How do you sign up?

Joining is easy and FREE – do so here with an email and a password.
Now is the best time to do so as from Wednesday – Friday Swagbucks will be giving away 4 x the usual amount in cash back on the most popular stores.
Disclaimer: I am working with Swagbucks as an influencer

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