Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

the big day is just around the corner and you’ve barely begun
getting started on your Christmas decorations. With work, Christmas
shopping, and planning for any incoming guests, it’s no surprise
that you may have lost track of time. It’s not last minute just yet, we put up our Christmas decorations during the first weekend in December however tradition is they usually go up 12 days before Christmas and come down 12 days after
If you are still looking for some inspiration then here are some great decorating ideas you can set up in next
to no time.

the Tree

no bigger centrepiece at Christmas than the tree. If you’ve
forgotten to buy some ornaments or fairy lights, don’t worry you
can still create a unique winter themed motif with a few things lying
around the house. Simply decorate your tree with some cotton balls to
give it the illusion of a delicate sprinkling of snow. Thread a thin
line through several evenly spaced cotton balls and add a little glue
to keep them from moving. You could also consider baking edible
Christmas tree decorations. These take just 20 minutes to cook.

Winter Inside

the best way to bring in that sense of winter wonderland is to look
outside. Don’t worry if you’re aren’t fortunate enough to have
a woodland at your doorstep filled with fresh holly, bayberry, and
evergreens. You’ll be able to find all of these at your nearest
florist along with poinsettias, amaryllis, and paper white narcissi
which are all perfect for creating a Christmas atmosphere. If you’re
bring pine cones in from outside, make sure to bake them in the oven
at 200 degrees to get rid of any bugs that might be hiding in there.

Different Lighting

lights you put on your Christmas tree are more versatile than you
think. Websites like LED Hut
these for great prices, and they’re perfect for experimenting with
other locations around the house. Place them along the railings of
your stairway to create a little accent lighting or inside demijohn
containers for something a little different. Similarly, if you have
any candles around the house, now’s the time to use them. These will
create the kind of cosy mood you’re looking for. Place them along
your pathway before you guests arrive to give them a welcome they’ll
these tips, you can create a comfortable winter retreat
matter how late you get started. Let me know some of your own secrets
for decorating your home in the comments below.

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