Last minute dress shopping on a budget – looking for discount codes

Those of you who follow this blog regularly will know that the week before last our car died, and the repairs needed to get it back onto the road again just aren’t economical.  It needs a new gearbox to start with and then also has a few problems which need sorting with the engine.  It is a little battered now and all the repairs would cost more than the car is worth so it is time to say enough is enough and to scrap it.  This has led us to look into lease hire and currently we are looking at Nissan QASHQAI’s which I personally find far more exciting than Paul does – he would like a nippy small car but it isn’t practical with the children.

Of course for this to happen we need to pay a decent deposit to lower the monthly costs so thinks will be a little tight around here for a while, of course it doesn’t stop the bills coming in and those can’t be ignored and we still need to eat so the food shopping still needs to be done.

What it does mean that non-essentials have to be limited for the time being and we need to budget well.  Sounds easy enough but then we were invited to the UK Premiere of The BFG this weekend and non-sensible me states for that occasion I NEED a new dress.

Of course I really don’t need a new dress at all but its a red carpet star studded premiere and I WANT ONE!

As we are saving money currently I went on the search for discount codes and armed with those I was then able to go dress hunting, often I have done this the other way around finding a dress and then looking for a code but that often leaves me disappointed when I can’t find a code for my chosen site.  Finding promo codes is easy enough with sites such as Discount promo codes, you can either search codes by store or via the top deals or categories.

I ordered from ASOS using a free delivery code, clicking through to the site from the Discount Promo Codes as this means they will donate 20% of their profits to charity too so by using their site I was also raising money for charity at the same time as getting a new dress for myself. 

So what have I chosen to wear?  Well I will show you – but not on me as I’ve not washed my hair yet and you’ll see it soon enough on Sunday.

Photo Credit: ASOS

I love it as it covers all the parts of my body I am not keen on and because it was in the sale down from £55 to £30.

I can’t wait to share events from the premiere with you next week.

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