Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

OK, we all know Mother’s Day is on March 11th but hands up if once again it has crept up on you and you are sitting there in a mild panic thinking that you’ll have to grab a bunch of flowers en-route as well as a card from the shop round the corner from your Mum’s house?

I always have grand plans of being organised but of course it never happens, I’m not really sure why it manages to creep up – the cards and gifts have been sitting in the supermarkets since they removed the valentines ones but whenever I walk past them I just remind myself there is plenty of time yet.

Since becoming a Mum myself I do try to make more of an effort with Mother’s Day for my own Mum, she gave up the best years of her life to raise me and it’s just another little way of showing how much I appreciate her, plus I now know myself just how hard being a parent really is!

Things I really appreciate on Mother’s Day are:

  • A lie-in – I am the one to get up with the children every single weekday, get them ready for school, feed them, do their homework with them and then walk them to school. I am also the one who gets up with them at the weekends too so a lie-in really is something I miss
  • Not having to cook – being the one to make the meals daily it’s really nice to have a day off of any sort of cooking. I don’t mean going out for dinner either as that’s expensive but a take-away would be nice as then I don’t have to wash up either
  • A day off from bickering – I love my children dearly but for one day it would be so nice if they could actually make it through the day without me having to break up a fight – over the TV remote or who has stolen who’s seat at the table
  • A full nights sleep – who am I kidding – my kids hate to sleep and have a tendency to wait till I’ve just gone to sleep before they wake me for some reason, usually they are lonely
  • A home made card – there is nothing nicer than opening a card your child has made themselves and I love to read their lovely words – now Harry has learnt to write his name it is even more special – he can even write Mummy too. Here is a Mother’s Day card idea we made previously
Click the image to see the finished card

I don’t need any special gifts for Mother’s Day BUT if you are still looking for a special something for someone here are some ideas of last minute gifts you can buy in time for Sunday.

Mother's day gift ideas



Knit-effect Coffee, Tea and Sugar canisters in a cute Fox, Owl and Bird design – Also available, matching milk jug, side plates, cups and biscuit barrel

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English Dinner Apron by Victoria Eggs, £22
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What are you doing for Mother’s Day? Do you have a special gift or are you also a last minute shopper like me?

We will also visit my Mother-in-Laws grave to lay some flowers as we do every Mother’s Day and of course shed a few tears that a special part of our family is missing.

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One thought on “Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

  1. I definitely enjoyed most of the above though I would have loved to receive an Alexa for upstairs in the house! I think the lie in was the most appreciated tho I did feel a bit guilty when the baby woke up at 5!

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